20% off Studio XPS 435 Desktop Computer

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Studio XPS 435 Desktop Computer
20% off Studio XPS 435 Desktop Computer
Posted: 8/26/09Expired
Promo code: 7G85J$TNXN9W43
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Save 20% instantly on this high-performance Dell Studio XPS 435 desktop computer. All you have to do is enter Dell coupon code 7G85J$TNXN9W43 and configure the computer system to at least $1399 before the discount.

20% off a $1399 system is a savings of $279.80 for a resulting price of just $1119.20.

This high performance computers are ideal for college students, engineers, business professionals, PC gamers, people that edit photos and videos, and anyone that could benefit from a really fast and powerful PC.

It comes configured with Intel's most powerful line of processors ever, the Core i7. It starts with the quad-core 2.66GHz i7-920 with 8MB of L3 cache, but it can be upgraded all the way to a 3.33GHz Intel Core i7-975 processor Extreme Edition.

Another really cool feature of this desktop is a built-in RAID 0 sub-system. This uses 2 hard drives to double storage space and increase disk performance significantly (up to 2X faster.) It is extremely rare to see RAID offered on a consumer desktop PC from a major manufacturer.

This Dell Studio XPS 435 computer has many other advanced features like DDR3 memory, dual optical drives (including a Qflix-enabled DVD Burner to create DVDs of Hollywood movies and network TV shows), discrete ATI Radeon HD 3D graphics acceleration, etc.

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