$160 off TASCAM iUR2 USB Audio/MIDI Interface

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TASCAM iUR2 USB Audio/MIDI Interface
80% off TASCAM iUR2 USB Audio/MIDI Interface, Mac and PC
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TASCAM’s iUR2 is a premium sound quality audio interface for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. It includes all of the features of TASCAM’s best-selling USB audio interfaces, including a pair of great-sounding microphone inputs. The XLR inputs have phantom power for use with high-quality condenser microphones. These feed an onboard microphone preamp and A/D converter for better sound performance than those built into the iPhone and iPad – true stereo recording with low noise and less tendency to distort. The inputs also accept line-level signals or you can plug a guitar or bass directly into your device.

A zero-latency monitoring path allows you to hear yourself directly through the unit, without any distracting delay. MIDI in and out are provided to interface with synths and drum machines, and a digital output connects to digital mixers or recorders.

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