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VillaWare Panini Grill
40% off VillaWare NDVLPAPFS1 Stainless Steel Panini Grill
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Posted: 6/23/13
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The VillaWare Panini Grill takes the ordinary sandwich to a whole new level. This stylish companion will quickly become a kitchen favorite with its distinctive stainless steel design and shale accents. Use the grill in the open position to prepare savory meats and veggies. Then stuff your ingredients into fresh bakery breads, along with your favorite cheeses and sauces, for a tasty grilled panini to delight all. The hinged lid accommodates even over-stuffed creations to ensure even browning and well-defined grill marks.

  • Multi-functioning; lays flat to use as an indoor grill or can be used closed as a grill or panini maker
  • Large ergonomic dial control; pulsing center ready light indicates desired temperature
  • Large 11-inch by 9-inch grilling plates with multiple heat settings
  • Vertical storage capability
  • Non-stick removable cooking plates for easy cleaning

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