Abebooks Reviews

Abebooks Reviews

Abebooks Rating Overall Abebooks has a 4.4 star rating based on 27 user reviews.

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1 Stars Worst experience

On December 10th I ordered a book for my spring term class. I was never given a tracking, but they said it was on its way with a 6-8 business day delivery date of Dec. 24th. You have to wait until that day before you can notify them that you didn’t receive it. Then they lied and said it got lost in shipping. Then they said it was a holiday problem. They once again said it was on its way and it would be 4-6 days. They still did not ship it. I was running out of time to get the book for my class, so I told them I would need them to cancel the order if they could not get it to me by the 5th of January 2019. They finally admitted that they could not get it to me. I do not like being lied to about my order. Now this was all from a bookseller that Abe Books contracts with. So Abe Books wasn’t the actual problem. Their WFL bookseller from Holtsville, New York is the one that misrepresented and lied about this purchase. I will never try to get a college book from Abe Books again. I can’t trust that it’ll ever arrive!!

(Posted at 1:30 pm on January 1, 2019.)

5 Stars More cheaper than other book stores

I just found this bookstore in web. I found the price are reasonable so that I will try to buy the book on it.

(Posted at 6:45 pm on April 13, 2014.)

5 Stars EASY With ISBN#

Site was easy to navigate and very helpful with price comparisons! Will use again!!

(Posted at 2:09 pm on January 7, 2014.)

4 Stars abebook used textbooks

It is a very helpful website in finding used textbooks.

(Posted at 1:47 pm on August 26, 2013.)

5 Stars finding test books

If the ISBN number is used it is very easy. Text pop right up and the selection is great with descriptions that detail use and whether CDs or other assits are included.

(Posted at 6:25 pm on August 2, 2013.)


it is a very helpful site for ordering books online

(Posted at 10:19 am on April 5, 2011.)

5 Stars great books at great prices

i really like the fact that i can order large print books at a good price. selection of used books is also good.

(Posted at 11:00 am on March 11, 2011.)

5 Stars Love Abebooks

Have ordered many, many books from them. Always arrived as promised and on-time.

(Posted at 9:44 am on March 7, 2011.)

5 Stars I'm Impressed

I had never purchased anything from Abe Books up until about a month ago. I am now hooked, as all the old titles that I remember reading from years ago seem to be available. I have also found countless titles from my favourite authors that have been out of print for almost as long as I have been alive. I am so impressed with the wonderful service, unbeatable prices (and range of prices) as well as the unbelievable speedy delivery. I can't recommend Abe Books highly enough. Andy.

(Posted at 8:48 pm on February 27, 2011.)

4 Stars Love Abebooks

Abebooks has always surprised me with the promptness and accuracy of thier service. I have ordered many books through them and will continue to use them as my first stop for books.

(Posted at 8:06 am on February 14, 2011.)

5 Stars The Wilderness Family: At Home with Africa's Wildlife

My order #83607161 was everthing I had hoped for. The book was a bargain and received as described,and even though shipped days prior to Christmas was received in less time than anticipated,

(Posted at 1:26 am on February 6, 2011.)

5 Stars My "Go-To" Store!

My wife loves books - real books, old books. Over the years, I've use AbeBooks to replace her paperback favorites with 1st edition hardbound versions. AbeBooks has consistently had what I wanted in stock or available. I've never been disappointed with a purchase. This is a first class business.

(Posted at 8:03 am on January 31, 2011.)

3 Stars The Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Universe

Super great reference.

(Posted at 12:04 am on November 11, 2010.)

5 Stars cheapest books

abebooks has the cheapest international editions of textbooks, which have the same information as the regular editions! when i know that a textbook for school has an international edition...i always go to abebooks to find the cheapest price!

(Posted at 12:58 pm on November 6, 2010.)

5 Stars BOOKS!

I buy all my books from here i have saved 100s of dollars. I will continue to buy here and now i can buy more books for less just feels so good to have found this site

(Posted at 2:11 pm on October 19, 2010.)

5 Stars Best Used Book Seller!!!!


I recently Purchased the Textbook "Java For Everyone" by C. Horstmann from Browns Books Hull, AB United Kingdom and they saved me $100 compared to exactly the same book from the George Mason University Bookstore. They sent the book with normal delivery, but because they were so fast with processing, the workbook arrived in ten days!!! I will definitely purchase from them again, and I already told all my friends on Facebook to but all their textbooks from the seller, Browns Books Hull, AB United Kingdom!!!

(Posted at 1:34 pm on October 12, 2010.)

3 Stars Abebooks Review

I love being able to find old juvenile fiction books as gifts for my husband on Abebooks. I have never had any problem with purchasing or receiving any book from any seller on the site. I would like it if there were a more sophisticated search process, but this is my only complaint!

(Posted at 10:19 am on June 25, 2010.)

5 Stars Low prices!

Whenever I wish to buy a book, I check Abebooks and Amazon to compare prices. 9 out of 10 times, Abebooks comes out ahead. The website is easy to use and very consumer friendly.

(Posted at 6:06 pm on May 5, 2010.)

5 Stars great website

This is the best website I have found to buy books for cheap. It beat even Amazon! Great variety and prices.

(Posted at 11:02 am on May 4, 2010.)

4 Stars Consistently Meets my Needs!

I am able to find what I am looking for from Abebooks. Books that aren't available elsewhere can usually be found here. They have so many book seller resources that you will greatly increase your odds of finding that illusive title here.

(Posted at 12:27 pm on April 12, 2010.)

5 Stars Great selection!

Often has 1st editions, rare, and old books for a fair price. Fast shipping. I love Abe Books!

(Posted at 9:44 pm on April 5, 2010.)

5 Stars Couldn't ask for anything more!

Of all the sites I checked, Abebooks had the lowest price AND free shipping. Within an hour of placing my order, I received an email saying it had been processed and would ship in 1-2 days. Using Abebooks saved time that I can now spend having fun. Thanks!

(Posted at 9:36 pm on February 27, 2010.)

4 Stars Abebooks Coupon Review

The coupons worked extremley well. I am a uni student and therefore have not very much money to spend. The coupons help me save heaps of money over time. Great work Guys

(Posted at 11:33 pm on February 24, 2010.)

5 Stars Enter MULTIPLE ISBNs!!!

One of Abebooks greatest (slightly secret) features is the ability to enter UP TO TEN ISBNs when you click "TEXTBOOKS" on the top bar... it's a great feature when you're buying all the textbooks for the semester. Just go to your school's bookstore website and note the ISBNs, then enter them in the box and choose from the best deals on the web. And remember, you can often save on shipping by grouping purchases by vendor. I've used Abebooks for over a year for multiple purchases and everything has been smooth.

Happy shopping!

(Posted at 8:10 pm on February 21, 2010.)

4 Stars Abebooks as a buyer and seller

I began buying textbooks for school from AbeBooks and found the experience to be comparable to Where I think AbeBooks really shines is in service to the seller of books. It's remarkably easier to sell and manage inventory on Abe than on Half. When I worked for a small used-and-rare bookstore, we sold almost entirely on Abe for this reason. The software we had links up easily with Abe and it's a much easier management experience. Now I show on Abe first because of a weird brand loyalty of sorts. I love Abe and hope it continues its user-friendly merchandise listing.

(Posted at 9:38 pm on February 15, 2010.)

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