Foot Locker Reviews

Foot Locker Reviews

Foot Locker Rating Overall Foot Locker has a 3.9 star rating based on 14 user reviews.

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5 Stars Good experience in Foor Locker

I went to Foot Locker yesterday in Manchester. There were a lot of discounted items in the store. It is pity that my size is not available for my love shoes.

(Posted at 4:43 am on October 18, 2015.)

4 Stars nice

I bought 3 pairs of shoes and salesman is very kind.

(Posted at 10:56 am on July 19, 2013.)

5 Stars htey have great comfartable shoes

the shoes are awsome comfartble and casual to go anywhere.

(Posted at 8:20 pm on August 13, 2012.)

5 Stars Coupon Code

I just used this code and it worked great and it saved me money

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(Posted at 12:52 pm on March 18, 2011.)

3 Stars Better Prices Elsewhere

Foot Locker has a great shoe selection, and they're associates are always so very helpful. But, wish they'd get their prices in line with what the competition my experience, I've always been able to find a better price some where else on the same shoes.

(Posted at 6:40 pm on November 21, 2010.)

3 Stars nike shox shoes

Our online store supplies various kinds of other products such as sandals, slippers at hard to beat price and AAA class quality. How about coming and have a look? Everybody like this world famous brand shoes because of finest quality. Buy one to add your wardrobe. Have a try!!! Want more details? Move your finger!!But the women gucci pumps is highly suggested.

(Posted at 12:53 am on July 24, 2010.)

3 Stars Average

I guess I can be indifferent to Footlockers items and prices, it's not a place I will want to go but if it's there at a mall I know it's okay to walk in because there's a probable chance that I'll find a deal. This was the case a few weeks ago when I needed to purchase socks, I needed ankle socks and they had a buy one get the second half off deal, I like this type of deals and left with two packs of 6 pairs for $20. Probably a little expensive for socks but the quality is great and very comfortable. I'd say if you can wait for a holiday or off season you might find good prices but check other sport places as well, like Champ Sports for example.

(Posted at 12:33 am on June 29, 2010.)

4 Stars One of the better ones

It's one of the better shoe stores at malls. It has a wide variety of shoes but I like to focus on the basketball shoes just because it is my sport. The hyperdunks are to die for and Foot Locker had them when they released. Its a pretty average store with average prices.

(Posted at 6:33 pm on June 9, 2010.)

5 Stars Foot Locker

I buy quite a lot of shoes and sports memorabilia for family and friends for Holidays and birthdays.

I like this Place!

(Posted at 4:32 pm on May 8, 2010.)

4 Stars Good

The store has a great display and helpful associates who helped local the shoe I was looking for and measure my shoe size to make sure it was the right fit, I was in and out in less than ten minutes.

(Posted at 7:54 pm on May 4, 2010.)

4 Stars always purchase at foot locker

you guys offer the best coupons which in turn give me the best prices on my families shoes.. i will continue to buy my families shoes and sporting needs at your locations..

(Posted at 8:32 am on February 11, 2010.)

2 Stars Poor Customer Service (Cerritos Mall, CA)

I am fan of great-looking, comfortable shoes which is why I frequent stores such as Foot Locker, Foot Action, etc. I was trying to look for a certain Nike Hyper Dunks for my brothers birthday over at this store and it took them around a few minutes to get by me and ask if I needed help. I told him if they have the size for that particular shoe and I would like to buy one. I waited for almost 15 minutes and was asked by another associate if I needed help. I told the second associate that someone else is already helping me. After another 15 minutes, I then asked someone else for help. I told them that there was an associate helping me to get a particular size for that certain shoes and he hasn't come back. He asked me what he looks like and when he confirmed who he was he told me that he left for lunch already. I told them what the former associate that was helping me did and left the store.

There was only a few customers in the store and I have stayed in front of the shoes I want to get because there was a bench there. I can't believe that the associate left without asking someone to take over what he was doing.

It will take me a while to come back to that particular store.

(Posted at 12:16 pm on February 8, 2010.)

5 Stars Great Customer Service

I was in footlocker returning shoes when i came across a sales rep they were quick to help me with what i needed. they took the shoes for me and said take a look around if you would like to trade for or if i wanted my money back to come up. they must have helped me try on 5 different pairs but in the end helped me decied. i was very happy with the help

(Posted at 3:47 pm on February 5, 2010.)

3 Stars Great if you don't shop in-store

Foot Locker can be great or horrible, depending on whether you shop in the store, online, or over the phone. has great selection, wide availability of products, and they're usually running good promotions. In-store, they run awesome sales above and beyond the website, but shopping in-store can be a nightmare.

For one, the stores are usually understaffed, or the staff on hand doesn't work efficiently. In every store I've gone to (several in WI, one in Boston, the Cambridgeside Galleria World Footlocker, and both Mall of America stores), it has taken 10-20 minutes to get a sales associate to help me after either entering the store or picking out a pair of shoes and needing a specific size. At Cambridgeside, the store was empty, so there was no excuse for not being helped after I came into the store.

Second, returns can be a nightmare. I don't even try returning merchandise in the store anymore, as I know they won't take it, or they will try adding some sort of condition to the return.

Third, (and I can't exactly fault Footlocker for this) but it seems like there's usually some big scene at the store when I'm there. Whether it's someone who can't get their new J's, or that the store won't take a return, etc, there is someone screaming at a clerk, or, more often, cashiers screaming at customers or managers berating employees in front of customers.

I love Footlocker's products, prices, and promotions, but unless I'm in a pinch (or need something Stock Located), I try to avoid buying from a brick-and-mortar at all costs.

(Posted at 4:15 pm on January 14, 2010.)

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