PacSun Reviews

PacSun Reviews

PacSun Rating Overall PacSun has a 3.2 star rating based on 5 user reviews.

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4 Stars hot trends

My kids love this store.

(Posted at 4:06 am on December 1, 2010.)

4 Stars Cute clothes on sales rack

Once when I visited PacSun, I looked in the sales rack and was able to find two cute shirts on a great price. I was very happy with the workers help and I had a great experience

(Posted at 6:33 am on November 25, 2010.)

1 Stars Too expensive, not so good quality.

I recently went to this store to be disappointed with the really high expensive clothing and it was all the same style.. the surfer style. I checked out some stuff anyway and realized the the quality is the same as other retail stores except they had them at much higher prices. I don't have anything against their style of clothes but I don't want all my t-shirts to have crazy non-understanding styles, signs and monsters of such... I'll never buy here.

(Posted at 4:49 am on June 29, 2010.)

5 Stars love their tees!

i just started shopping at pacsun and i cant ask for anything better!

(Posted at 10:43 pm on February 3, 2010.)

2 Stars Rude Staff

I was disappointed with a recent shopping trip here. They were missing sizes of almost every item on the floor and when I asked for help, the employee disappeared into the back for over 6 minutes before emerging with an item for someone else but ignored me.

(Posted at 4:09 am on January 18, 2010.)

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