PetSmart Reviews

PetSmart Reviews

PetSmart Rating Overall PetSmart has a 4.6 star rating based on 14 user reviews.

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5 Stars Bearded Dragon

Every week I come to petsmart to buy my little bearded dragon something new. Pet smart always has great prices and a verity of great brands. Pet smart is my favorite most trusted pet store. Thanks for helping me take care of my bearded dragon

(Posted at 4:26 pm on May 4, 2014.)

5 Stars petsmart

was the cleanest and nice people and clean cages

(Posted at 3:40 am on August 21, 2012.)

3 Stars Products

I shop at PetSmart for most of my pet needs although about once a month or so the shelves aren't well stocked and the store is out of the item(s) I need. That is annoying because then I have to go to another PetSmart store and it all takes time. I used to be able to get whatever I needed in PetSmart no matter when I went. It's just not like that anymore.

(Posted at 1:51 am on July 20, 2011.)

4 Stars Good Pet Store

Petsmart has a good selection of pet supplies for many different types of animals. They are especially good for dog and cat supplies. I would like to see more toys for very large parrots, however. They used to carry more a few years ago.

(Posted at 4:12 am on December 1, 2010.)

5 Stars Petsmart online shopping is great

I love some of the deals I have found for my puppy by ordering online here. Have saved on toys, inground pet fence system and our dog bed. Easy to use and sometimes cheaper than buying in store, so check it out!

(Posted at 5:25 pm on November 30, 2010.)


Petsmart is the best pet store for customer service, great selection of products & services. i highly recommend to every pet owner!!

(Posted at 4:04 pm on November 11, 2010.)

5 Stars grooming

Have been using the grooming services for several years and have been completely satisfied. The staff is friendly and helpful. Feel confident in leaving my dog in their capable hands.

(Posted at 1:05 pm on September 8, 2010.)

4 Stars I'm here at least twice a month

This is the store for all my animal needs.

I have dogs, cats, fish and rabbits. No matter what I need they always have it, in stock at a great price.

I take my kids too, as they love to watch the animal training sessions and see the small animals up for adoption.

Pets are welcome too, although I have never taken mine.

(Posted at 2:28 am on July 1, 2010.)

5 Stars a fun place for people and pets

This store is a wealth of goodies for everything related to pets. They sell small pets in the store, offer grooming services, all kinds of hard to find pet products, and do charity events to get pets adopted, photos with Santa, etc. Best of all, you can bring your favorite furry friend into the store with you to shop.

(Posted at 9:03 pm on May 7, 2010.)

5 Stars Some high prices. But great overall.

This is the only store I shop at for my pet needs. Mostly good prices and good stock. Clean stores and friendly staff. Well lit but not overly bright. Good pet care services as well.

(Posted at 5:28 am on April 27, 2010.)

5 Stars Easy Website to Use

Petsmart has a good selection of items. It has everything you need for your pet. The best thing is... If you buy it online and are dissatisfied with the product, you can return it to your local PetSmart.

(Posted at 5:50 pm on April 5, 2010.)

5 Stars Petsmart Review

I have a new puppy and visited Petsmart for the first time. The staff was extremely helpful. They helped me find a leash and collar small enough for my tiny puppy. They helped my find the correct food and treats for my puppy's nutrition needs. And they helped me with grooming and obedience tips. I went home feeling much better about raising my little guy.

(Posted at 7:15 pm on November 20, 2009.)

4 Stars Petsmart is a little better than Petco

It seems to me that, in terms of selection, PetsMart, on average have more to choose from than Petco.

I've been taking care of a 70 gallon freshwater tank for 2 years now. And after it being my passion to stop at every PetsMart and Petco I saw. It became evident that PetsMart are generally better stores in terms of selection.

Also, I've noticed that both, Petco and PetsMart stores are very varied from one to the next. It really depends on location to determine the size of the store and what it carries

(Posted at 12:02 am on November 20, 2009.)

4 Stars Friendly service, Good Selection, Occassional High Prices.

The staff at PetsMart are very friendly. It's easy to see that they love animals. Whenever I bring in my dog they will greet him and at checkout he is always offered a treat. My dog loves the store, my cat not so much, but she hates anything beyond the front door.

The Selection is very good. It is one of the few places I can find Science Diet, which my dog has been given. I do find that their prices can be a bit higher than normal for discount brands than they are in grocery stores or Walmart, and I have seen some decrease lately in their prices. The selection more than makes up for the little bit more I pay.

(Posted at 12:50 am on October 24, 2009.)

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