Sur La Table Reviews

Sur La Table Reviews

Sur La Table Rating Overall Sur La Table has a 5 star rating based on 2 user reviews.

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5 Stars Kitchen Paradise

I love Sur La Table. I stop at my local Sur La Table store (Pembroke Gardens in Pembroke Pines, FL) at least once a week and also go online often. The variety and quality of the products available are unmatched. The staff is most helpful. Sur La Table has inspired me to cook healthier meals and also to cook more often instead of going out to eat. It is a pleasure to shop at Sur La Table.

(Posted at 10:23 am on March 18, 2011.)

5 Stars Consistency is for gravy & Sur La Table

Sur La Table has a wide variety of cooking gadgets and gizmos of the highest quality. They are price competitive. The products are readily usable by a pro or novice in the kitchen. Suddenly cooking becomes an adventure because the tools to turn you into a satisfied chef are readily available. The detailed description of the use of items is most helpful. The only thing to dislike is - where am I going to put all the things I didn't know I needed!

(Posted at 11:21 pm on November 25, 2009.)

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