Time Warner Cable Reviews

Time Warner Cable Reviews

Time Warner Cable Rating Overall Time Warner Cable has a 3.4 star rating based on 31 user reviews.

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3 Stars Slow Wifi

Wifi is extremely slow when multi devices on 100mbps. Router needs to divide speeds to accommodate usage.

(Posted at 1:51 am on November 4, 2015.)

5 Stars 1214hbo141rhap

no comment

(Posted at 8:40 am on December 29, 2014.)

1 Stars sloppy

We sign up for calling internet WiFi phone the whole package, but when the installer came he said that the WiFi was not included and insisted that the price they gave us was a mistake insisting it was more. We've called but nothing has happend.

(Posted at 10:00 pm on March 21, 2014.)

4 Stars The service is great!

You can not bet the deals that TWC is running. For the quality of service, it is wonderful. Thanks TWC!

(Posted at 1:21 pm on June 7, 2013.)

5 Stars great

i love my twc service a lot of channels and fast internet that is reliable

(Posted at 8:17 pm on October 7, 2012.)

5 Stars Best of the Best

I have had TWC for more than 15 years and have always been satisfied with the service and programming. I know they fight for the customer to keep the prices as low as possible. Rarely have outages. When I had satellite TV, it would go out every time it rained. Their bundles are a great deal and I would reccomend those. The only complaint I have is that the on-demand TV goes out at odd time during the night for updating I suppose. I wish those would be scheduled and inform us as to when they were going to occur. I hate it when my show is cut off right in the middle. The internet service is great and suppost has always been helpful even when it wasn't their problem. The telephone is great and I even send faxes with no problem.

(Posted at 10:01 pm on August 29, 2012.)

3 Stars Bundle Savings?

Very disapointing that upgrading from a double bundle (internet and cable) to a triple bundle (phone, cable and internet) requires so many games!

(Posted at 9:20 pm on August 27, 2012.)

5 Stars Programs

Customer service was great!

(Posted at 3:28 pm on August 2, 2012.)

4 Stars Internet service

I have basic lite internet service. I've had it for more than two years and never once have I had a problem, disconnection or interruption. Only once have I rebooted the modem and I'm still not certain that was necessary. I think the service is fair for basic email and browsing needs. Definitely a good value there.

(Posted at 10:52 pm on March 4, 2012.)

4 Stars good

its a little pricy with internet tourbo but everything else is ok

(Posted at 7:27 pm on March 1, 2012.)

1 Stars Not Good Poor Customer Service and Lie

We had our house wired for Time Warner Cable when we built it, I had called ahead to see what cable they used and when would be a good time to call when I was ready for lines to be run to our house from pole. (I was told 2 week notice would be fine)

Well I called 3weeks prior to wanting installation. Th person took all my information so I thought, a week before I moved in I called again. Same song and dance.(It will take 2 wks to get someone out to run the cable) No one showed up. Called back again. Then I am told we don't have time warner service in your area call insight. Called insight they say not us out there time warner. Called time warner same song and dance. Went through this 2 seperate times. Finally went to local office they sent someone out and there is cable on 2 poles one in our yard and one across the street. (but not available in your area.(all our neighbors have time warner) The majority fed up with them and their high rates. INSIGHT much better around here more channels on basic, then time warner and cheaper and much better service to bad couldn't get it.

Finally cable was ran after hrs on the phone talking to about 10 different people and gettting local person involved, then they finally ran cable line, then they call to hook up service the guy came to hook it up and guess what wouldn't hook it up said line was over 300ft and that was to far for good reception. So back to start again. Called the customer service hasseled with them over this for 3weeks went back to local office they came out looked at it and said they would send someone out to hook up that it was fine. Well Sunday afternoon. The guy came hooked it up and couldn't get the internet to work properly. Tried a new modem that still didn't work. Left sent a new person out 2 days later said problem at pole. Waiting on some to come out and fix that problem. Still waiting.

This has all taken over 2 months and it still isn't corrected. I am not sure if and when it will ever be.

I know if not corrected soon, we will go with satellite, had it before and no problem, thought since TIME WARNER was at our address why not go with them. Our only option at this time is Time Warner or Satelliate, But I here there will be options down the road.

Terrible Terrible communication and customer service.

Our local office was trying their best to help us. But it was out of their hands.

I rate them less than a 1, Never had such bad service. And rates are terrible. They bought insight which has good rates good programming and good customer service, I know I had them before for years. I wonder how they will screw them up?

(Posted at 4:54 pm on February 9, 2012.)

3 Stars time warner cable review

internet is fast. cable though has very few primetime shows to watch as compared to the previous months. no discounts for healthcare workers as compared to other providers. no free trials for hbo, cinemax and showtime unlike other cable providers

(Posted at 6:28 am on September 13, 2011.)

5 Stars TWC Vs Sattilite

I've been a long time user of sattilite. We resentlt come back to time warner and i have to say.. what took us so long the value and not to mention the local news and channels and OMG!!! the on damand is out of this world.. Me for one can never see myself ever changing.. iI am a longtime Time Warner gal :))

(Posted at 11:06 pm on June 21, 2011.)

4 Stars Internet Service

Their internet service is one of the best compared to other providers.

(Posted at 9:18 pm on May 20, 2011.)









(Posted at 3:32 pm on April 22, 2011.)

5 Stars Changing Service

I am very pleased with the information that was provided to me in regards to the service time warner offers. I was a faithful AT&T customer until I found that I was paying too much for too little. Like nearly every family in the U.S. I am on a budget and watching pennies. For the same service I am saving over 350.00 US dollars.

Thanks again

(Posted at 6:11 pm on March 14, 2011.)

4 Stars good service

They are so much better than dish network. We switched to Time Warner about a year ago, have had no problems getting our questions answered. The couple of times we had problems, they fixed them right away and there hasn't been any blackouts. We are very satisfied with their services, plus they're cheaper than dish.

(Posted at 2:54 pm on February 23, 2011.)

2 Stars Phone Call

after chatting with someone on the Chat feature of the TWC website. they referred me to a person to call me. Ronda calls a short time later and I ask about rates for internet and phone packages. She goes on talking for 10 mins and seems more interested in filling in the computer with my info than actually helping me find what i need. Foreign Call centers leave a huge gap in communication.

(Posted at 8:17 pm on February 22, 2011.)

1 Stars Monopoly

This service does NOT compare to any other....My package was misreprested....than 3 months later went to $160 per month..Outrages....Customer service is awful......

(Posted at 7:02 pm on February 15, 2011.)

3 Stars Too Expensive

Overall, I would say that Time warner cable has Excellent Quality of service, but the cost outweighs the quality.

The internet service is very reliable for the most part.I have been using their service for quite a few years now and i've only grown to despise the company for how they treat their customers.

Customer service is timely and helpful in most technical situations, but when it comes to billing, they are very decieving.

I used to get 3mbps service for 39.00/month and decided to downgrade to 2mb service for 20/month because the rep at the local office said it would be that price, and i thought i could save a little money. a month following my downgrade, they started charging me 39, for the 2mb service, when i asked about the price change the home office rep i spoke with said that they never had a 20.00 2mb plan and now they no longer seem to offer the price/plan i had before, but for 49/month i can get 7mb service.

yes, high speed is good, but why should they be allowed to change rates and lower quality without notifying the customer? There simply arent enough Internet service providers in my area to choose from with the quality they offer, but the paying customers should be treated better and time warner needs to stop monopolizing and charging whatever they want whenever they want.

(Posted at 8:02 pm on February 1, 2011.)

3 Stars Big Disappontment

I had Time Warner Cable (in a different city in Ohio) about 4 years ago moved to a different state and then got Comcast Cable. Although, I wasn't always please with Comcast Cable, especially the pricing, but Time Warner Cable of Cincinnati, Ohio is just AWFUL! Free movies = 3 were in the list! On Demand items very limited! At least once a day my internet goes out (and we live within the city). We are about ready to have our cable disconnected and go to someone else. The money you pay for services and the fee goes up every year, you should get more for your money. Just a very BIG disappointment for the services we get compared to the money we have to pay each month!

(Posted at 2:18 am on January 24, 2011.)

3 Stars Cable n internet good

I have been a long time consumer of time warner cable and internet service. Cable & internet service in this area has been overall good. Internet speed is good. Cable has nice HD channels. Switched to time warner phone service last year and the phone service has not been very good. The quality of phone service in area of reliability, quality are lacking. I have continually experienced where I have no phone service for long periods of time as well as the quality is in and out. I have experienced echoing, difficulty in hearing caller and vice versa. I have had multiple technicians come out. first technician who installed it did it incorrectly, next technician came and reinstalled, helped but still had some quality issues. Have had other technicians out that tweak equipment but still does not compare to quality of call I was getting from my AT&T service prior.

(Posted at 12:47 am on January 18, 2011.)

5 Stars Great service

I really like the quick response that time warner has. There service is not interuppted like dish.

(Posted at 3:38 pm on November 29, 2010.)

4 Stars Couldn't Be Happier

It seems like everytime I view my cable line-up I find more and more to be impressed by. Love the choices and the features that enhance my viewing pleasure. The HD quality is superb!

I love the "start over" feature that allows me to control when I view programs--what a great idea!

(Posted at 1:46 am on November 29, 2010.)

3 Stars few complaints so far

Everything works fine and I haven't had any problems, except that I recently got cut off for no reason and am having trouble 'communicating' w the machine system.

(Posted at 7:28 am on November 28, 2010.)

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