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4 Stars     very good

I have sent flowers through proflowers and have always been very satisfied with the freshness and quality.

Linda (Posted at 6:33 pm on May 7, 2013.)

5 Stars     Best Wishes

Proflowers always deliver beautiful flowers for all of my speacial occassions. I will continue to use Proflowers and I recommend them to all of my family and friends.

Kathy M (Posted at 11:57 am on December 14, 2012.)

5 Stars     always fresh, always beautiful

I have never been disappointed in the timely delivery, nor the freshness and beauty of the flowers I have sent using Proflowers. Before using Proflowers I had used or tried to use a couple other online flower delivery services both ended up wasting alot of my time. Example: I ordered (online)flowers to be delivered from P___L____ ( you figure it out) within an hour I received an e-mail telling me "sorry the flowers could not be delivered to the area / Pinehurst ID " That was okay, at least they let me know ... I checked my bank account immediately after though and sure enough ... guess what- to make it short I left several unanswered voicemails and after a couple weeks of e-mails and finally the threat of a lawyer I got ALMOST all of my money back...Geez what a huge pain and waste of my time !!! Proflowers is the way to go - no worries!

RH (Posted at 2:47 am on July 24, 2012.)

5 Stars     Mom's anniversary flowers beautiful

My mom loved her flowers I sent on her anniversary. They delivered them when they said they would and they were beautiful

Kate (Posted at 6:11 pm on May 11, 2012.)

3 Stars     I decided to send flowers

..however, on Sat. morning, Sunday delivery was not available for S.Spring, MD/Wash DC area. That is not right. What is the deal

flowersender (Posted at 5:29 pm on June 18, 2011.)

5 Stars     I Love Proflowers!

Proflowers is my first and Only choice for fresh flowers. The quality is outstanding and the prices cannot be beat. The customer service is the best.

I once had an issue with delivery (not their fault, it was the Shipper's mistake) but Proflowers was determined to make me heppy! They gave me a full refund AND told me to please keep the flowers! They then sent me a coupon for 40% off.

I have used Proflowers a dozen times over the past couple of years and I am always pleased with the selection. Growers Choice is my favorite, because not only is it a surprise, it is a great value! Selection, checkout and delivery is always simple and convinient. Thank you Proflowers for making my life a little simpler!

Erin (Posted at 12:24 pm on March 8, 2011.)

4 Stars     very satified

I have used Proflowers a couple of times.

So far so good and I am very satified.

mikong (Posted at 12:31 am on March 4, 2011.)

5 Stars     flower order

fast an easy!wow

Andie (Posted at 8:32 am on February 23, 2011.)

5 Stars     ProFlowers review by Melodie

I absolutely love ProFlowers. I have purchased flowers with a vase and chocholates from ProFlowers and the flowers have arrived in excelent condition. Everyone I send Flowers to from ProFlowers are so impressed with the quality and lasting freshness of these flowers. I would recommend ProFlowers to anyone. Save your hard earned money, send flowers from ProFlowers.

Melodie Peek (Posted at 8:37 pm on February 7, 2011.)

5 Stars     Great Flowers

I have started using ProFlowers a couple years ago and every time I have the flowers sent, the recipient always tells me how LONG the flowers last and how beautiful they are.

Kelly Gribowski (Posted at 7:45 am on February 4, 2011.)

4 Stars     Excellent service

These guys are pros. Easy ordering, reasonable prices, and nice flowers.

Josh (Posted at 7:34 am on February 3, 2011.)

4 Stars     Good value

Good value, and nice presentation, however they don't last as long as some other vendors.

Jblyth (Posted at 11:13 am on January 20, 2011.)


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With that being said, I recommend this site to anyone who is a serious online shopper and also for those who shop occasionally online. Today's market needs informed consumer information and BEST ONLINE COUPONS is way ahead of any other supposed Coupon website.

BEST ONLINE COUPONS is the ONLY PLACE I come to for the BEST DEALS on the web.... Tell your friends and family... I sure did....

David McGuigan (Posted at 9:19 am on January 18, 2011.)

5 Stars     even nicer than they looked on the website

The flowers I bought were even nicer than they looked on the website. The price was great and the delivery was right on time. A week after I bought them, the majority of the flowers still looked fresh. We had them for almost 2 weeks before we had to toss them. Also got a free vase with the purchase and it was really nice too. I would recommend Proflowers to anyone and plan on using them anytime I need to buy flowers from now on.

JC (Posted at 3:01 am on January 11, 2011.)

5 Stars     Pro flowers.com

Great prices. Good selection. Delivered when promised.

Mary Boston (Posted at 7:16 am on January 10, 2011.)

5 Stars     Proflowers = happy costumers

Proflowers is the place to go to order flowers for any occasion. That is if you want beautiful flowers, at great prices, and delivered on time. We have always been very pleased with them. I love receiving flowers from them. They are always fresh, beautiful, carefully packaged, and last a long time.

Jennifer (Posted at 3:34 pm on November 30, 2010.)

4 Stars     Beautiful Flowers

ProFlowers has amazing flowers. I love the colors and smells. I love flowers in general and ProFlowers is able to take that to the next level.

McCall (Posted at 12:17 am on November 25, 2010.)

5 Stars     Proflowers "SAY IT", just right!!!

I have shipped flowers all over the USA with this company and have never been disappointed in the quality or quantity of flowers selected. I have also been the recipient of these arrangements as well, always been delighted!

queenieb (Posted at 9:52 am on November 22, 2010.)

5 Stars     Got the strawberries once

the choclate covered strawberries my girlfriend loved so much she said they were amazing!

nathan szczepanik (Posted at 2:06 pm on October 19, 2010.)

5 Stars     so awesome

so cheap and beautiful and they know that the ladies like

nathan szczepanik (Posted at 2:06 pm on October 19, 2010.)

5 Stars     AWESOME!

Easy to order and just beautful flowers i love them every time. i ahve bought from them probably 10 times great every time

nathan szczepanik (Posted at 2:05 pm on October 19, 2010.)

5 Stars     Eamils me coupons!

They send me coupons and they save me even more money! its crazy how cheap they are

nathan szczepanik (Posted at 2:04 pm on October 19, 2010.)

5 Stars     smells great

not only did the flowers look greeat then smell great too

nathan szczepanik (Posted at 2:03 pm on October 19, 2010.)

5 Stars     Not just flowers!

I got chocolates and a bear just cheap and you dont get what you pary for becasue you get more!

nathan szczepanik (Posted at 2:03 pm on October 19, 2010.)

5 Stars     great flowers

Girlfriend always loves the flowers! and they last forever

nathan szczepanik (Posted at 2:02 pm on October 19, 2010.)

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