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AMANDA (Posted at 4:50 pm on January 13, 2010.)

4 Stars     Flying with Expedia

I seem to always find great deals..last minute fares are easy to find at a low price

Cece (Posted at 1:46 pm on January 12, 2010.)

5 Stars     Review Title

Expedia is awsome, they have very good supervisor specially those I spoke with (Randy Monroe) and (Albert Moya)...

Edu (Posted at 2:01 pm on January 2, 2010.)

5 Stars     awesome service

Used Expedia for Cancun trip spring 2009--LOVE LOVE LOVED the excellent service!!!Had cash back special, got the refund in mail after trip...awesome ...Right price trip...easy to book...cash back...what could be better????

harleygirlsusielou (Posted at 7:57 pm on November 29, 2009.)

5 Stars     vacation

I have used this site to book travel plans. Love it!

Elizabeth (Posted at 2:55 pm on November 28, 2009.)

5 Stars     Exceptional

Time and again I've found Expedia delivers the best deals on flights. It's my first stop when shopping for a flight or hotel.

JinQu (Posted at 8:57 pm on November 27, 2009.)

5 Stars     Best Prices

Expedia gives the best prices for any given date, I tried using other services such as cheapoair, orbitz etc... but found expedia the best.

cons.. the coupons do not seem to work that well

Dhruv (Posted at 6:17 pm on November 24, 2009.)

5 Stars     Best side

I like Expedia. The prices here are the best in the web with no extra fees and no hiding charges. I like also the interface because its easy and you have access to all information at once. Also I love expedia's offers

Georgios (Posted at 12:54 pm on November 24, 2009.)

5 Stars     10 years and still booking!

I have been my family's "travel agent" for at least 10 years. I have always used expedia.com. We have traveled to almost every state, mexico and europe. I have booked over 100 flights and vacation packages for different family members over the years, and have been very happy every time. Thanks Expedia.com.

Nicole Cougher (Posted at 8:49 pm on November 21, 2009.)

5 Stars     good

good site

wei liu (Posted at 7:46 am on November 16, 2009.)

5 Stars     best value for the best flights

Expedia usually has the best flights for the best value. Try to search o few days before or after to get even better fares if you are flexable with your dates.

scott (Posted at 9:08 am on November 14, 2009.)

3 Stars     trip to europe

I was booking trip to Europe, the only thing that I did not like that it did not give me options to book trips in the cities. Also, I would like to see special offers for multiple destanations.

Tanya (Posted at 2:30 pm on November 4, 2009.)

5 Stars     simple to use site with great coverage

I am pretty well a novice using the internet and have spent many, many frustrating hours over weeks trying to navigate numerous holiday, hotel and airline websites for my son. Despite being a Uni graduate he appears to be consistently 'challenged' when it comes to identifying a bargain and good value for money. His best mates' wedding is in December in Winnipeg, Canada, and since he lives in Australia he decided to see the USA at the same time. Unlike lots of other sites Expedia actually had all the flights available for a multi-city flight booking between 5 cities in US and Winnipeg. I was able to find shorter flights on the right dates and still saved significantly- so now extra cash for fun.

Jane Graham (Posted at 6:52 am on October 30, 2009.)

5 Stars     Sleek and Easy Reservation with Expedia

The ability to make a reservation smoothly is so important. Especially when there are so many other things to worry about beyond the actual flight when planning a trip. That being said, I love the fact that Expedia allows you to see all of your options as far as time and price in a quick and easy and comparable method, It make for a great service. In addition, Expedia prices have always been prices I can depend on!! I love Expedia!!

David Ross (Posted at 2:54 am on October 29, 2009.)

5 Stars     very simple to use

friendly-user travel internet... highly recommendation to use it as other features on rental cars and hotels

Darrell Doudt (Posted at 11:27 am on October 26, 2009.)

5 Stars     Great one stop shopping

We always use expedia. Fast, easy, and safe! You can see all your choices for flights and build your trip with just a click. They also send coupons by email right to your address.

neil (Posted at 1:32 pm on October 22, 2009.)

4 Stars     Flight summary, coupons, currency converter

- Flight details when searching for a flight are a little hard to wade through. Consider more white space.

- One-click currency converter would be very helpful.

- Coupon codes after flight purchase might help draw clients back to search again with Expedia.

- Make it easier to contact customer support. Do not bury to number under a thousand mouse-clicks.

Dust (Posted at 3:40 am on October 18, 2009.)



PUSHPA WATI (Posted at 1:28 am on October 15, 2009.)

4 Stars     GOOD DEALS

I have used Expedia many times for hotel and air. I've gotten really good deals. I always check with them first and usually end up using them. I've also gotten park tickets,etc through them.

Dianne (Posted at 8:10 pm on October 14, 2009.)

4 Stars     Good travel website!

I like Expedia and have used them multiple times. Easy to navigate and good prices!

Jacki (Posted at 8:33 am on October 13, 2009.)

4 Stars     Pleased with this website.

This is one of my stand bys, always check here when shopping around. Have used them for both air fares and hotels.

Terri (Posted at 8:31 am on October 13, 2009.)

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