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GNC Nutrition Store Coupons

GNC Nutrition Store

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42% off GNC Pro Performance Bulk 1340 Supplement $59.99$34.99
42% off GNC Pro Performance Bulk 1340 Supplement
Free Shipping with $49 order
posted 6 years ago
50% off Performix SST Supplement - Iceberry $99.99$49.99
50% off Performix SST Supplement - Iceberry
Free Shipping
posted 6 years ago
60% off GNC Pro Performance Mass Gainer Complex $99.99$39.99
60% off GNC Pro Performance Mass Gainer Complex
Free Shipping with $49 order
posted 6 years ago
60% off IRONMAN Endurance Optimized Whey Protein $49.99$19.99
60% off IRONMAN Endurance Optimized Whey Protein
Free Shipping with $49 order
posted 6 years ago
80% off Monster Isolate Protein Supplement - Chocolate $50.99$9.97
80% off Monster Isolate Protein Supplement - Chocolate
Free In-Store Pickup
posted 6 years ago
78% off GNC Pro Performance 100% Whey Protein $79.99$17.99
78% off GNC Pro Performance 100% Whey Protein
Free Shipping with $49 order
posted 7 years ago

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GNC Nutrition Store Reviews

GNC Nutrition Store Rating Overall GNC Nutrition Store has a 3.8 star rating based on 15 user reviews.

5 Stars Good Wellness and Healthy tips & discounts!

I love the service, staff and store! Especially the Essential Oils which I bass to my hair, bath salts & body wash, and moisturizers! And I always enjoy a bargain!

(Posted at 1:56 am on January 17, 2016.)

5 Stars Whoops

I meant to put separate Gnc stores not desperate.... auto correct gotta love how it's always wrong

(Posted at 1:14 am on November 1, 2015.)

5 Stars GNC employee

Wow, I work in Dallas at two desperate gnc stores. It is a shame for the employees who don't treat customers with respect. For those people who don't understand why employees always try to get you to buy more. I would just like to explain, when it comes to nutrition, getting skinnier, bulking up or whatever you want to do to your body. When you have one product, sure it'll work, but our job is to show you items that will enhance the results. So that you as the customer can get maximum results. Also look on the clearance section always, that way you can get Somme of what you need from there lowering your total. If you have a good employee they will try to get you as much as possible for as low as possible. I had a customer the other day 233 dollars worth of products, even though I didn't have to I put every code I could, got clearance and his total ended up being 109. There are GNC employees who care about every person who walks in their store. I am one of them.

(Posted at 1:11 am on November 1, 2015.)

1 Stars do not except anything.

I went to a gnc store,the cashier. wouldn't except. Anthing.

(Posted at 4:23 pm on October 17, 2014.)

1 Stars Policy of not waiting on customer with a return

On Saturday of Memorial Day weekend I went to the Greendale GNC store to return a purchase my son made for me the day before. I wanted a different size and needed my vitamins and calcium. When I told the clerk, Peter, I had a return he told me I had to wait until he was finished with other customers since they were buying. He then proceeded to wait on 4 more people, 3 of whom entered the store while I was waiting. I told him how upset I was, I returned my items and did not purchase the others I had intended to buy. I will not be frequenting your store again. I waited 45 minutes out of my holiday for what he stated was company policy. I am understandably upset.

(Posted at 1:49 pm on May 25, 2013.)

5 Stars Awesome

The workers were very polite and helped find exactly what I was looking for. I went home and tried the product and it worked great!

(Posted at 2:28 am on April 8, 2013.)

1 Stars Pricing incorrect to phone callers

I just came from GNC where I am a loyal customer.The product that i always use is this specail protein for wieght lifting. It is an all clean product. The regualr price is $64.95. I knew that I seeen a flyer in the mail saying it was on sale. So I called up the store and the clerk said oh it is on sale at $39.99. So My son and I took a half hour ride to the store and I walked in and said thta I was one that called about the protein powder. Actually I think he was sleeing in the back of the store because it took 5 minutes before he came out. After I told him who I was , he said I have it back here. I looked at the price and it said $64.99. I said is this the one on sale. He said yes . How much is it I asked again. $39.99 I said ok . We get to the register and he says that will be $49.99. I said what you jsut told us it was $39.99 and he said it is .Something is wrong. So he looked it up agina and said $49.99 and then he looks at us and says oh you must buy a gold card to get that price. I told him already have a gold card as explained on the phone. He looks at us and says you need to come back in the first week of the month to get that price. I said what. We just drive a half hour out of our way to get here and obviuosly your in error. He said no the cost is $49.99. I said to him we always get this same product every month and I am a gold memember can you please give it to us for that price. He said the price is $49.99. No apology no expression just looked at us like he did not care and wanted to go back to sleep. Oh he works in the Deerfield Beach store at 246 Federal Highway. What a total %$^%&#@%@@!*)!!!

(Posted at 4:36 pm on March 14, 2013.)

5 Stars Enlightening, Informative and Entertaining.

As a Mason contractor, I cover a lot of area in order to stay busy. The GNC store in Fox Point is nearly an hour from home (Iron Ridge), still, I find myself making my purchases there. Simeen (store manager) has been very helpful in determining what products are best for me by simple questions of my interests. I have the ability to order online, however, I prefer to do so in person because of the professional (and friendly) information I receive.

(Posted at 3:35 pm on March 13, 2013.)

1 Stars trying to buy strivsctin-sd at a gnc store

i got your flyer in the mail. i went to both st peters stores to purchase the above mentioned product. clerks or jerks whatever you want to call them didnt have a clue as to the flyer, the product i wanted to buy. they didnt have it in stock and both clerks had no idea when it would be in i think your company SUCKS !! .have a nice day.i rate your company NO RATING unless a -

(Posted at 10:55 am on December 7, 2012.)

5 Stars Great Customer Service

The store was very organized and the reps were very knowledgable.

(Posted at 1:36 pm on December 8, 2011.)

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