38% off Craftsman Rubber Garden Hose 5/8" x 50 Ft.

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Craftsman Rubber Garden Hose 5/8" x 50 Ft.
$15 off Craftsman All Rubber Garden Hose 5/8 In. x 50 Ft.
Price $24.99
List Price $40.25
Discount $15.26 (38%)
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Posted: 6/1/15
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A resilient build allows this garden hose to withstand hot water temperatures up to 160°F while remaining flexible and easy to use all the way down to -25°F, so you can use this hose in the garden, driveway, to flush the water heater, or drain a pool for winter. No matter how you need to move your water, this tough garden hose will help. And forget about corroded couplers that you need a pair of pliers to get on and off, the nickel plating on each of the hose-ends ensure easy use for years to come. A solid piece of equipment you can count on, get that water moving with Craftsman.

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