Dell ST2410 24" Full HD Widescreen Monitor

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Dell ST2410 24" Full HD Widescreen Monitor
Dell ST2410 24 Inch Full HD Widescreen Monitor
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If you need a new computer monitor, you will be amazed at the quality and value of the 24" Dell ST2410 Monitor. Even if you already have an older LCD monitor that is working fine, you should consider the Dell ST2410.

Customers that bought this monitor think it is great too, as evidenced by the super-high 4.7 out of 5.0 stars average customer rating on This is actually out of 108 reviews, so you can see that a lot of people really like this monitor. Follow the link to read the reviews and see what real customers think of this screen.

Over the last few years the quality of flat panel displays have dramatically improved, and that is apparent with the clean and crisp picture and vibrant colors in this widescreen monitor. Not only is the display stunning, but prices have dropped so much that this incredible display is only $259.

Plus, this monitor may save you money over your old screen in operating costs, because it is very energy efficient. If you use your computer for a number of hours each day, these savings can add up and help the environment. What makes this design so power efficient is that it only needs 2 CCFL lamps compared to the typical 4 lamps in most displays. Despite this energy efficiency, the display is still incredibly bright and vibrant.

With support for full 1080p high definition resolutions, this Dell ST2410 monitor will show Blu-Ray movies and HD videos in stunning detail. Plus the high 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution is also useful for PC games and productivity work.

Also, the large 24" display size makes this Dell ST2410 a delight for watching movies or working or large documents. Plus it has the connectivity options you need for computers, gaming consoles, and home theater equipment: DVI (HDCP), VGA analog port and an HDMI port.

Go to the website to check out all the details of this monitor, and to order one for yourself.

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