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Optima E-Cigarette Starter Kit
75% of Optima E-Cigarette Starter Kit with 10 Flavored Cartridges
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Optima E-Cigarette Starter Kit with 10 Flavored Cartridges

This Optima e-cigarette starter kit provides a real cigarette feel with varying strengths of nicotine cartridges, and it has none of the ash, tar, or smell of regular cigarettes. Though it appears to be a simple cigarette on the outside, the inside holds an advanced smart chip that signals the lithium-ion battery to release its charge to the atomizer, in turn vaporizing the cartridge's nicotine solution each time a user inhales. The included set of nicotine cartridges comes in a variety of flavors and is equal to five packs of cigarettes or one giant's cigar.

  • No ash, tar, or smell
  • Crystal tip lights up blue when puffed
  • High-capacity battery for lots of vapor
  • Includes a sampler of flavored cartridges
  • Nicotine solution in each cartridge
  • Each cartridge contains 18mg of nicotine, equal to 1.5–2 packs of cigarettes

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