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uNu Enerpak 11,000mAh iPhone Battery Pack
56% off uNu Enerpak 11,000mAh Smartphone Battery Pack
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Red battery statuses are shepherded into greener pastures by an 11,000mAh battery that, with its 2.1A USB port, can charge nearly any smartphone or tablet. Since the pack includes a pair of separate USB ports, technophiles can juice two devices simultaneously. The battery pack—uNu's most powerful—adds up to six times as much battery life to your smartphone, and an LED battery-life indicator specifies when it's time to recharge the battery pack or toss it at a bolt of lightning.

  • 5V
  • 2.1A + 1A
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Life Cycle: >500 cycles
  • Immense Battery Life
  • Equipped with uNu's largest battery yet, the Enerpak Vault packs a whopping 11,000mAh.

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