The Vermont Country Store Reviews

The Vermont Country Store Reviews

The Vermont Country Store Rating Overall The Vermont Country Store has a 4.7 star rating based on 35 user reviews.

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I do enjoy buying goods from Vermont Country Store. They carry top of the line products and I have always believed in a family run business instead of these big chain stores.

Any time I have used a coupon for this place they have NEVER EVER worked. Many of my friends have the same problem. They chose to delete their orders and as for me, it is a 50/50 gamble.

Well, tonight's order will be sent in but sadly (as usual) not one single coupon worked for me.

Not sure if this is a "come on" or just simply a "bag job".

(Posted at 8:32 pm on September 18, 2013.)

1 Stars Need Coupons

I would love to buy a sheet set from this merchant, but I can't find a coupon that will work! I'll buy when I can get a promotion coupon.

(Posted at 5:59 pm on April 13, 2013.)

5 Stars Items purchased

All the items we have purchased for our family is and has been of very high quality. My Wife loves the gowns we purchased for her. She loves the type that you can not find anywhere but here.

(Posted at 10:14 am on July 12, 2012.)

5 Stars country herbal essence

I received this item as a gift for Christmas. I cannot tell you how excited I am to find this shampoo. I have searched for years for Clairol herbal essence and had begun to believe I would never have the opportunity to use it again. But this is unbelievable, it smells exactly as I remember the original.

Thank you for having this product, I am ordering more today!

(Posted at 1:53 pm on March 8, 2011.)

5 Stars Fun Place to Shop and a Must if in Vermont!

If you are ever anywhere close to a Vermont Country Store you must visit! Everything imaginable and many items thought to longer be available can be found there. All are well made and well worth the extra money. Whether you have fond memories of a childhood toy or a delicious candy from your past--all of it is delightful. You can easily spend a couple of hours exploring all of the nooks and crannies filled with interesting items. I dare you to not find at least one item to purchase!

(Posted at 5:02 pm on March 3, 2011.)

5 Stars I love my tablecloth

I purchased a Mountain Weave Tablecloth from the VT. Country Store about two years ago and I found it to be one of the best purchases I've ever made. Not only does the tablecloth give a nice, homey feeling to our house but it's so durable. We've had lots of spills and I find that spots are so easy to remove. It' doesn't shrink in the dryer which is a big plus and it always looks nice after taking it out of the dryer. It never needs ironing! I look forward to purchasing placemats and napkins, maybe after I get some Christmas money from my in-laws!! I do think the Mountain Weave tablecloths are well worth the money. Thank you for having them in your store.

Lynn Faber

16 Lang Dr.

Essex Jt., Vt 05452


(Posted at 5:48 pm on November 28, 2010.)

5 Stars Great on-line shopping

Found a toy I haven't seen since I was a little girl. Bought it for my child and he loved it. Also, in the same catalog found chocolate covered liquors for my husband and some old-timey remedies that my grandmother use to swear by...that I've never seen in another catalog.

It's kind of a one-stop on-line shopping experience.

I love the variety and the prices aren't so bad either.

I highly recommend Vermont Country Store

(Posted at 10:37 am on November 24, 2010.)

5 Stars Wonderful Memories

The Vermont Country Store is a wonderful company. We have shopped with them forever. Although we live in Texas we still love to shop with them. My husband lived near the store from the time he was a small boy. When we visit Vermont, we always go to the store to buy gifts. The employees are always very helpful and friendly. My friends and relatives always love the fresh christmas wreaths and table decorations that we ship around the USA. Everything that is shipped arrives on time and in excellent condition. The catalogs are wonderful on their own. I recently took one of the catalogs to an alzheimer patient and she perused it for hours as it took her back to a time where she recognized and remembered so many items.

(Posted at 4:36 pm on November 21, 2010.)

5 Stars vermont country store

Great products-great prices-unique items

have been buying for years

(Posted at 7:16 am on November 13, 2010.)

5 Stars Vermont Store -Old Fashioned service, hospitality and good dollar value products

Money, even for necessities, like socks! is hard earned and hard to come by. I have promised myself only to spend "the green stuff" in places where people appreciate my business. Vermont store is it.

I buy their Buster Brown socks because I have an allergy to elastic in the cuffs of most woman's stocking. When I found this product, I was so...grateful.They arrived quickly and I am ordering more!

Good old fashioned American family know how - put the customer first and the business will reflect that ideal. I even enjoyed talking to the person who took my order and amazed at the effeciency of the operation.

You can bet I'll be doing some Xmas shopping here.

(Posted at 4:20 pm on November 5, 2010.)

5 Stars A Blast from the Past

I love looking through the Vermont Country Store catalog. It takes me back to when I was a kid. The catalog offers difficult to find items and useful items I haven't thought of in years. Vermont Country Store is frugel in that it doesn't send out 5 and 6 color catalogs a month like some catalog stores do. I'm sure this is reflected in their pricing.

(Posted at 8:47 pm on September 24, 2010.)

5 Stars Absolutely enchanting

wonderful warm family experience. It is a trip down memory lane with all of your favorite memories available to purchase

(Posted at 11:40 am on August 22, 2010.)

5 Stars Hair No More Cream

I love the hair remover cream! I never shave my legs anymore. My skin is super soft after I use it.

I do not need to shave for 2 - 3 weeks. I am sold on this product

(Posted at 1:19 pm on July 29, 2010.)

5 Stars the best since sliced bread

been a customer for years-i received my order of the knit henley sleevless cover up two weeks ago-they are the best things since sliced bread-with this hot spell i haved lived in them- i'm 86 years young & i cannot say enough about them-all your products are first rate.sincerely mary phillips

(Posted at 8:02 pm on July 15, 2010.)

5 Stars Great service and selection

I love this store. It is so fun to see all the products I remember from my childhood. I was able to order my grandmother's signature fragrance; even though she is no longer here, I can be reminded of her. The customer service is helpful and responsive. Two thumbs up!

(Posted at 11:30 am on June 18, 2010.)

5 Stars Shopping here is a great mini-vacation

I live in Southern California, but whenever I get to Ludlow, Vermont, I pack a very empty suitcase and I visit my very favorite place, the Vermont Country Store. It's a cross-section of Americana in every category: clothing, cookware, furniture, art deco, foodstuffs which include cheeses and wines, arts and crafts, childen's toys...everything but the kitchen sink...and if you look long enough you may just find a kitchen sink as well. It's so much fun to see and taste as you go through the store where every sense is alive to read, hear, taste, see and feel what's being offered. And, my most favorite: the clearance area. Bargains galore.

(Posted at 11:36 pm on May 27, 2010.)

5 Stars Unusual Yet Practical

The Vermont Country Store has many unusual yet practical items. Many of these are from days gone by and the folks at Vermont Country Store have revived them for future generations. I like the fact that you can recommend products to be considered in the store's inventory selection. Some of the prices are a bit high but the quality of the items makes up for the pricing.

(Posted at 12:32 pm on May 14, 2010.)

5 Stars Great store for many hard to find items

There are many items at this store that you will not be able to find anywhere else. For example, I recently found gee your hair smells terrific here and have not seen that since I was a teenager. Also, I found Evening in Paris...this is a scent that my mother wore when I was a child and since she has passed, I ordered this just so that I can have that sensory memory that it brings. I found the shipping to be a bit high, but to find these kind of products that I can not find is sometimes worth it.

(Posted at 11:02 pm on April 30, 2010.)

5 Stars Good Old Days

I never cease to be impressed by the many items that are in the store that were a part of my youth that I thought were gone forever and here they are. When technology fails these simple items will save the day. Soaps and lotions and handy kitchen gadgets and cleaning stuff and great cheeses and relishes and a great cup of coffee.

(Posted at 3:55 pm on April 28, 2010.)

4 Stars Iowa loves Vermont

I want quality and selection and that is why I enjoy the Vermont Country store. I know the products are top quality and the service has always been good.

When you shop you want the best quality for your money and that is why I shop at the Vermont Country Store.

(Posted at 1:50 pm on February 15, 2010.)

3 Stars Wool Gloves

I received the Ragg Wool Gloves as a Christmas present. Although a little bulky, they have kept my hands warm in the bitter cold weather. The thinsilute lining is a plus. My son borrowed them for an all-day Boy Scout function and has now requested a pair for his birthday!

(Posted at 6:56 pm on February 10, 2010.)

5 Stars clothes you can count on

Vermont country store is like a friend from school; one that you can count on to tell you the truth. The folks who work there are friendly and helpful. Their styles are timeless with a new twist every season. Old favorites can always be found. The sizing charts tell the truth. The quality of the clothing is great, and it washes well. Most of all, the delivery is when they say it will be. And if you don't like what you ordered, or if for whatever reason, it doesn't fit, they take it back. No problem! Oh, and the best part is that it doesn't cost the earth. I guess you can tell I like the Vermont Country Store. But you'd know that anyway: just look in my closet!

(Posted at 2:09 pm on February 1, 2010.)

5 Stars fun!

it is so much fun to see what they have to offer.

brings back alot of memories!

(Posted at 10:41 am on November 30, 2009.)

5 Stars Excellent Quality

Everything we buy is excellent, especially the maple syrup products.

(Posted at 2:29 pm on November 29, 2009.)

5 Stars purchasing online

My experience ordering online was perfect. The items in the companys store are unique and unusual. I cant wait to receive my order

(Posted at 1:40 am on November 23, 2009.)

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