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ATG Stores Reviews

ATG Stores Rating Overall ATG Stores has a 1.7 star rating based on 6 user reviews.

4 Stars choices in product lines

very good choices in the products of household items

(Posted at 9:08 am on November 14, 2012.)

1 Stars awful customer service

I ordered 2 bronze sconces on the phone (confirming color) and received brass. ATG wanted me to pay shipping and 10% restocking fee to the manufacturer (they are not the manufacturer) for their mistake. After countless rude responses from them, many unreturned calls and a general lack of caring for the customer, I disputed with my Visa. Was a very depressing and frustrating process and I would never order with them again.

NOTE: There was one single customer service agent who saved the day and actually cared to help. She worked with the manufacturer and got it switch out after months.

(Posted at 11:23 am on December 28, 2010.)

2 Stars Nice product, terrible return policy

I purchased 2 bedside table night stands. They arrived promptly, I assembled them and threw away the boxes.

I placed them where they needed to go and realized they did not fit the spot. The dimensions of the site were wrong, the tables were wider than the site said.

I advised who basically DO NOT CARE. Trying to get these items back to them now is a nightmare.

Their sales are great, but if something goes wrong, look out, your on your own.

(Posted at 8:14 am on April 8, 2010.)

1 Stars Abhorrent return policy

Recently ordered some lights from ATG ( Two of model A, one of model B. Decided I wanted a third model A instead of 2 A's and 1 B. Sent B back. Website claims "no hassle returns" -- indeed, no hassle but despite the fact that I purchased something ELSE from them, they took the $99 I paid for the original item B, deducted $11 for shipping (apparently you get charged separate shipping for EACH item) and then deducted a 50% restocking fee. All told, I got $38 back from my $99 purchase. Do NOT !!!! order from them, find it somewhere else. Return policy (charges of 60%! for return) is completely unclear on the website, not to mention on the documentation that comes with it.

(Posted at 4:43 pm on March 26, 2010.)

1 Stars "Don't-Care" attitude on extra charges due to how they ship items

This review is on the customer care and staff attitude from ATG stores (

I would not recommend outside of U.S. customers to purchase small items from them as the UPS broker fees may be even more than the product itself due to ATG "don't-card" attitude as how they ship.

The products I want is not available in, so I made an order from The order consists of two chandeliers and two scones and was expecting them to arrive in one shipment via UPS to Canada, because UPS charges broker fees per shipment on imports to Canada. However, they arrived in two separate shipments that I had to pay for 2x $75.07 instead of 1x $75.07. There was no indication on the order/receipt saying the items will be shipped separately. When I called the ATG store, they gave me excuses like it was the manufacturer's fault and they don't ship themselves, or not all the items were in stock at the time of order, or the weight is too much for all four lighting fixtures in one package. None of the excuses were true because 1) on the package it is from "ATG Store... WA...", 2) They were in four separate boxes. 3) At the time of order none of the items were available. Both the associate and her manager made the same excuses without looking into my order. They both lied and refused to refund me with the extra broker fee due to their mistake. When I stated that I could have been charged with 4x$75.07 due to their "don't-care" attitude if the four item was shipped one after another, and that totally defeat the customer confidence in purchasing from the ATG store, they simply said they don't care about doing business with us, and they don'g care that it's possible that the customer might be paying more broker fee than the product itself.

(Posted at 11:13 am on February 11, 2010.)

1 Stars Rip Off

Fixture Universe or ATG stores are going to make money on you one way or another, Hidden fees and charges!! Be aware and make sure you really want what you order from them, the return policy is awful, left multiple messages for managment and no return call at all. Free Shipping dissapears and you get charged the amount if you return it. Restocking fees of 25%- come on now. I am totally turned off by this company. If you order somethin and return it you still pay for about 30-35% of the product...Sounds like a good business to be in, 35% of your purchase become 100% profit for them and thier cost was $0. I will be sending it back and tracking it, then issueing a complaint with American Express to dispute the charges.

(Posted at 8:58 am on December 7, 2009.)

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