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4 Stars Happy

I am very happy with, have ordered from them several times, and had no difficulties. they are easy to communicate with, and items ordered arrive promptly

(Posted at 11:13 pm on October 28, 2010.)

5 Stars careful what you buy

The coupons made a good deal and even greater deal. Look aroung though because some items are not that great of a deal.

(Posted at 8:21 am on October 21, 2010.)

5 Stars Love Overstock!!!

Overstock offers amazing deals,but when they offer coupons on top of already discounted items, you can't ask for any more! They make it easy to see what discounts, including shipping discounts are available as coupons! Very impressed and feel valued as a customer.


Dr. Melissa Moler

(Posted at 12:49 am on October 21, 2010.)

4 Stars Overstock is great

Our family loves overstock. Purchases are recieved quickly and never had to return anything.

(Posted at 10:40 am on October 11, 2010.)

4 Stars Good Reputation

I have not purchased anything from but many of my friends have. They were satisfied

(Posted at 10:38 am on October 10, 2010.)

3 Stars Can't beat the shipping charge!

The shipping is a real lure to this site. A huge variety of items to choose from, too. I just wasn't as excited when I received my coat. Sent the entirely wrong coat, not even the color was the same. Able to return, but it was a bit of a hassle to do so. Not sure I would buy clothes from them again.

(Posted at 12:23 pm on October 7, 2010.)

1 Stars Be cautious of misprints

I purchased some waterproof bedsheet covers a while ago. However, the size of the mattress sheet that I ordered wasn't the size of the mattress sheet that I received. Overstock wouldn't take back the incorrect mattress sheet, so I ended up selling it on ebay to try and gain back the money I did spend on it.

(Posted at 12:28 am on October 6, 2010.)

4 Stars great selection and prices

Overstock is where I usually go when Im looking for a particular item at a great price that I cant find elsewhere. I have done my entire Christmas shopping at last year, they have a great selection, great prices and they ship fast. I definitely reccomend them.

(Posted at 10:51 am on October 3, 2010.)

5 Stars 10% Off total order 9-1-2010 to 10-1-2010

10% off RIGHT NOW.. hurry.

use code 149764

(Posted at 8:08 pm on September 10, 2010.)

5 Stars Discount coupon

$15 off $100 or more. For U.S customers only. Code is 149418 at checkout. Expires 03/30/2011, however is only valid for one use. Offer excludes books, music, movies, games, cars, auctions and real estate products.

(Posted at 12:57 pm on September 1, 2010.)

4 Stars It's not what they have, but what you learn

I have only bought something from on one occasion (although that is mainly due to finaces)

But I check their site everyday to see what's new.

I always find something I want - but these are hard times and wants are not needs.

I highly reccomend checking here before you make any large purchase (no matter what the item). If you can find it here you will save money and not sacrifice quality.

(Posted at 9:07 pm on June 30, 2010.)

5 Stars very good site

i always shop at good prices, good customer service, fast refund.

(Posted at 8:40 am on June 30, 2010.)

5 Stars Thank goodness for Overstock!

Overstock has everything, from top jewelry to things for your home. I recently purchased several shirts from Overstock that I was not able to find in their respective stores. Overstock has helped me out on several different occasions and I highly recommend them to anyone who does a lot of online shopping

(Posted at 6:07 am on June 28, 2010.)

5 Stars I don't buy anything without checking

I have been shopping with overstock for many years now and I can never bring myself to by hardly anything without first checking

I almost always find a better deal online and I know sometimes it is pretty gutsy to buy without touch and see,,, but I have yet to be disappointed.

I Love!!!!

(Posted at 10:01 pm on June 26, 2010.)

5 Stars Oen thing can be said...$2.99 shipping!

That's my favorite part. I ordered a memory foam mattress topper (heavy, big and bulky) and it was only $2.99 to ship. You can get pretty much anything you want from here, anything from clothes to furniture. I always find screaming good deals here.

(Posted at 5:45 pm on June 19, 2010.)

4 Stars Flat rate shipping and decent prices

When I first checked out the site, I was impressed Overstock had such a wide variety of items available. It's important to note that comparison shopping is still wise, given that some deals here are better than others. However, my favorite feature is the flat rate shipping. This even applied to a floral order I placed awhile ago. Since the flowers were a fair price already, it was especially nice because I avoided the high delivery costs many online florists charge. I'll probably be back for more!

(Posted at 12:49 am on June 19, 2010.)

4 Stars Love it

Overstock is always prompt in shipping and the quality of the products described online are exactly what you get.

(Posted at 4:34 pm on June 18, 2010.)

5 Stars Great site for discounted items

I've purchased a ton of stuff from and have always been very pleased. I will continue ordering from this site!

(Posted at 7:28 pm on June 17, 2010.)

5 Stars A great site for great deals- and quality!

I have used this site for curtains and was so pleased with the price and quality, I just could not find locally.They let you know if something is almost gone, so don't wait! I have referred others to this site as well, and they have found what they were looking for and also loved the quality. There are usually lots of choices in each category and the prices and esp. the cheap and fast shipping are worth going back.

(Posted at 6:54 pm on June 17, 2010.)

4 Stars Great Seletion on Books

Overstock has great prices, selection and breakout of types of books available, with super cheap pricing on shipping.

(Posted at 7:49 pm on June 16, 2010.)

4 Stars Poor Steamer--Great Service

I purchased a household steam cleaner from Overstock. When the cleaner arrived it did not heat up properly. I contacted Overstock and they refunded my money. Even though the product was poor, I give Overstock four stars for their service and professionalism.

(Posted at 9:33 am on June 14, 2010.)

5 Stars Great Website!

I have ordered from many times. The delivery has always been fast and everything is always in perfect condition. I would definetly recommend this site!

(Posted at 3:50 pm on June 13, 2010.)

5 Stars I Love My

I started shopping at about 8 years ago. Since then, I've purchased everything from jewelry to garden furniture. The quality and price of the products always surpasses my expectations. The one time I had a problem with my purchase, I contacted their customer service reps via online chat and they took care of it in a friendly, professional and swift manner. They are a good company.

(Posted at 1:24 pm on June 13, 2010.)

4 Stars easy to use

I just used for the first time. Very nice Website, lots of stuff.

I just spent less than half of what I would have had I run into town today to make the same purchases. Free shipping too. I am happy

(Posted at 3:42 pm on June 10, 2010.)

3 Stars Annoying

I think is annoying. It is a big jumble of items. It is hard to follow where everything is. Sometimes they have good deals, but it really isn't worth the hassle as far as I'm concerned.

(Posted at 7:43 am on June 3, 2010.)

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