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Target Reviews

Target Rating Overall Target has a 4.4 star rating based on 170 user reviews.

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1 Stars Horrible Online Shopping Experience!!!

Target Stinks!!! This morning I had the worst online shopping experience of my life!!! I Will never never never shop online or in their stores again!!! I was on the bridal registry shopping for multiple shower gifts. Got to the check out, and seen that I was charged a high rate shipping charge. I thought it was free shipping over 50.00. I thought I had cancelled that order. I went back to the registry, and looked at items purchased, it showed nothing had been purchased so I thought the order did not go through on my pay pal account. {NEVER REC'D AN ORDER NUMBER TO LET ME KNOW THAT IT WENT THROUGH AT THAT TIME}. I then did a re order, scaling back on items to bring down the shipping charges, only because my nephew and his bride to be are registered at Target in Denton County. Looked at my pay pal acct. I now have 2 orders, which they both had the blender they wanted. They will be getting two of. The cust. service supervisors said that they would put in a request for a cancellation for the first order that I thought was cancelled, but let me know that I am probably stuck with that order as well which is being shipped directly to the couple!! They did not want two blenders, only one. Now I am out shipping for two separate orders!!! They need to be turned in to the BBB for ripping people off!!! It seems like Target would want people to love shopping with them, not trying to rip off the consumer, and having to put up with their crappy customer service, and their lousy excuses as to why they can not cancel an order. They told me that I had 30 mins. to do so. WELL, THAT NEEDS TO BE STATED ON THAT REGISTRY, NOT IN AN EMAIL THAT I DID NOT KNOW ABOUT HOURS LATER!!!!!!!

(Posted at 6:00 pm on July 3, 2013.)

4 Stars A2Z store

The clearance items are relatively fashionable and worth taking a look at.

Great collection.

good customer service

I would definitely recommend.

(Posted at 11:12 pm on April 10, 2012.)

5 Stars A fast, easy way to shop.

Since I live very close by, I can walk to Target to buy groceries and other things very quickly. The main reason though is because I can find almost anything I need inside! Great store with great employees!

(Posted at 5:07 am on December 31, 2011.)

5 Stars Target is my go to store

This store has almost everything I need. Cute clothing and accessories, food, electronics, and home goods. I go to target for almost every gifting opportunity, and to shop for myself :p

(Posted at 1:20 am on December 26, 2011.)

5 Stars Get the best deals here for the Christmas gift!

Here you can get the best deals online!

(Posted at 1:07 pm on December 15, 2011.)

5 Stars why i shop target

i shop target stores because of the merchandise offered. most are as good and stylish as any fine dept. store. also if i have a problem and want to return an item, even if i'm visiting another state they never give me a problem. i alwaays look in the sunday paper for your special sale booklet.

(Posted at 5:17 am on December 15, 2011.)

5 Stars love the one stop shop

I work all week and my time is limted, so I love going to target where I can get all my shopping done. I can pick dinner, a card for birthday and gift, something to wear, this is great.

TGIF buffalo chicken nuggets excellent


dress bought for vacation 5 *****

bath towels 5*****

(Posted at 6:40 pm on September 29, 2011.)

4 Stars Always a good deal

Walmart may have a wider selection and overall better prices, but you can't rule out target when shopping for almost anything. From Televisions to hotdogs Target has almost anything you need. Often times they have the best price on many Dvds or electronics.

While it may not be as big as Walmart I am generally more satisfied after a trip to Target than I am with Walmart. They just have more niche items I like to shop for.

(Posted at 7:45 am on March 31, 2011.)

4 Stars Target is definitely a hit!

Target is a fun store to shop in. I find a lot of nice clothes for my grandaughter here. The specials they have on the household items are usually a great buy. Target is a nice place to shop and grab a bite to eat at the concession stand.

(Posted at 1:52 am on March 30, 2011.)

5 Stars neat and clean, bright,

I love Target. I must say, my husband prefers to go to Walmart for bargains, but I find I can get really good prices on certain items at Target. Recently they have been adding more of their own brand of products and I find them to be of the utmost quality. They get a nice cross section of shoppers and as crowded as they might be, the registers are all open to accomodate everyone. Also, the employees are very polite and helpful.

(Posted at 5:26 pm on March 28, 2011.)

4 Stars Good Assortment

Target leads the way in assortment and quality, especially in childrens clothes. Good prices,good value.

(Posted at 8:32 pm on March 22, 2011.)

4 Stars Good..

I have been going to target for a very long time so that must mean they are doing something right!I must admit that there has been a few times where an employee wan't the nicest but that is few and far in betweeen. I have usualyy found that the stores are organized and kept clean, the employees are helpful, the cashiers almost always are really nice and put a smile on my face. The prices for some things, I think, are a little high but the do have a lot of sales so it's ok. my cosmetics I usually like to get from them because theuy have a very good selection. all in all an A- Ok store.

(Posted at 12:30 am on March 18, 2011.)

4 Stars Very good,but still room for improvement

I enjoy shopping our Super Target - bright & clean ennvironment, quality products displayed with eye appeal and fairly reasonable prices. However, since the economic down trend, staffing seems to be inadquate in number of sales associates and their training in customer service. I hope Target can raise the quality of their sales associates customer service training.

(Posted at 10:53 pm on March 16, 2011.)

5 Stars Target

Great Prices and fair deals. I probably much shop at target every weekend.

(Posted at 5:16 pm on March 16, 2011.)


Had purchased Rubbermaid Kitchen Storage Containers for a Christmas gift from Target because they had a pack that had a many sizes in and I couldn't find it anywhere else. The price was reasonable for what you got. Three days before Christmas, I received an e-mail confirmation stating it was not going to get to me on time due to the holiday rush and wouldn't receive it til the end of January. I was extremely upset considering I had ordered it more than a week prior to Christmas Eve and it stated the item was IN STOCK and guaranteed on-time delivery. I called customer service, who appologized, but I felt I got no where even after speaking to a manager....Long story short, my package arrived ON TIME!!! -- Target came through for me and I couldn't be happier! I am grateful for the outstanding job they did to satisfy me as a loyal customer. I will continue to shop Target as I love their products and am impressed with the job they did to satisfy my needs. THANK YOU!

(Posted at 11:12 pm on March 6, 2011.)

4 Stars A Store for All Needs!

All Targets that have transformed into Super Targets have been a blessing. Since Super Target opened, my grandmother and I have been able to save so much money. We have virtually stopped shopping at our "regular" grocery store ,and have been able to buy fresh fruit, bread ,and milk at huge discounts. We were starting to get worried , because the prices of Jewel - Osco were getting higher and higher and the quality of the food was dropping....there was no competition . We are very thankful that Super Target offers such wonderful values to it's customers!

(Posted at 11:03 pm on March 6, 2011.)

4 Stars employess

had very nice shopping trip the employees were consideret and helpful :)

(Posted at 10:55 pm on March 2, 2011.)

2 Stars Still Cheap Chinese Crap

I find it funny that people who bash Wal-Mart for selling cheap, plastic Chinese crap feel good about shopping here. It's the same stuff in a slightly more hip package.

(Posted at 9:06 pm on February 28, 2011.)

5 Stars Great Variety!

I love the fact that Target always seems to have variety and a choice for every item I need.

I recently purchased a no contract phone from them and was pleased with the choices available and that they had everything in stock!

(Posted at 9:50 pm on February 15, 2011.)

5 Stars Nice Clean Store

I use target often. They have quality products and great prices. More importantly they have a clean appearance without the clutter in the isles that you see in other stores.

(Posted at 5:50 pm on February 5, 2011.)

4 Stars Great deals

The clearance items are relatively fashionable and worth taking a look at.

They have a great selection of jackets

Great selection of hoodies.

Overall it's a very clean and well taken Care of location

I would definitely recommend.

(Posted at 6:25 am on January 14, 2011.)

4 Stars home decor

I love the home deco section. It is fun to go shopping there.

(Posted at 3:47 am on December 1, 2010.)

4 Stars fun store

Taget is a fun store to shop in. Not much in the adult clothing line. Everything else is great. I love their dollar shelves when you first walk in. I always stop and take time to browes. I will find something to buy evertime I go.

(Posted at 3:25 am on December 1, 2010.)

1 Stars electronic

While shopping at Target looking for a game console realizing all things were behind lock and key.Unable to try them and find a salesperson to help answer questions concerning them .I became frustrated and purchase item else where.

(Posted at 3:08 am on December 1, 2010.)

5 Stars Favorite Place to Shop

Ever since I was a little kid, Target has been my favorite store. I live very close to one and I still look forward to going any chance I get. I loved the toy selection as a kid. Just looking at all of them was a blast and since the prices are so good my parents would buy me cool toys all the time. Now that I've grown, I still love to go to buy things for my little sister.

I also love the clothing department. The clothes are cool and classy. It suits my style very well. I even bought my favorite hat and my front-pocket wallet from there, both great purchases and under $10 each. The wallet is genuine leather!

Target is a fun place to go and most of them have a Starbucks and/or a good restaurant inside.

If you need a gift for someone, or even yourself, I strongly recommend Target.

(Posted at 11:33 pm on November 30, 2010.)

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