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Zappos Rating Overall Zappos has a 4.8 star rating based on 376 user reviews.

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5 Stars When I need shoes, I first look for zappos

Whenever I need shoes for any occasion, even for work, I first go to Zappo's on-line. The prices are affordable, and with their free shipping both ways policy, I can order as many styles as I like, so I can try them on in my own home, and at my leisure. Being a night worker, I don't have the leisure to shop in the stores. Zappo's has my loyalty, for shoes, and clothes.

(Posted at 2:47 pm on January 25, 2010.)

5 Stars Very quick and reliable service.

Very fast and reliable shipping. The return policy also benefits me, as I have a small foot and have trouble finding shoes that fit me.

The products I have ordered have been exactly the way they were advertised, and the overall quality of these products were great.

I would recommend this site to anyone that needs things quickly

(Posted at 3:18 pm on January 24, 2010.)

5 Stars Great Service

Zappos delivers excellent customer service along with great prices. What else do I need to say.

(Posted at 9:05 pm on January 20, 2010.)

5 Stars Zappos should be benchmarked for spectacular customer service!

I recently had received a pair of cowboy boots for a Christmas present from my best friend. They did not fit so I called a spoke with a customer service rep so that I could trade them in for another pair. Unbelievable - that's what ZAPPOS customer service is. I ordered another pair at 2:30 in the afternoon and my new pair was sitting on my doorstep no even 24 hrs later. In this day and age where customer service barely exists ZAPPOS goes above and beyond for their customers. I was in a corporate meeting with several people and I told my story about ZAPPOS and how wonderful they are. I tell as many people who will listen . I was so impressed by the representative's pleasant attitude and phenomenal customer service. Your CEO should be commended for empowering their reps to offer superb customer service - You Guys rock - I have recommended you to family and friends.

(Posted at 10:12 am on January 18, 2010.)

5 Stars shopping for shoes

I would and have recommened buying shoes at Zappos. Every pair that i have bought i have loved. Not only are they great quality shoes i have received all my orders one to two days after i have ordered them on line. This came in handy when my daughter needed shoes for a dress she was going to wear in three days. With my daughters busy schedule the best time to shop for shoes was after hours on the internet at Zappos site. She found some boots, placed the order and had them in two days. She just loved them and so did all her friends. With the free and fast shipping and great quality of shoes i will continue to shop at Zappos.

(Posted at 8:42 pm on January 17, 2010.)

5 Stars Stress Free Shopping

Love Zappos! Just started shopping on line. Found Zappos to Efficient Professional Accomendating and Trust Worthy. All the Merchandise is excellent and always a good selection. Never had a promblem with my first order I had to make. Zappo,s made the ordering easy and quick Easiest shopping I've ever done.

(Posted at 2:31 pm on January 15, 2010.)

5 Stars LOVE Zappos

Huge variety of shoes in my size! Prompt shipping and great customer service. If you find a pair of shoes cheaper somewhere else they will refund you the difference. I appreciate that. Thanks zappos.

(Posted at 6:15 pm on January 12, 2010.)

5 Stars many many shoes

I love the number of shoes to choose from -- though I tend to buy more than I originally intended whenever I shop Zappos. Shoes always DO vary size-wise by style, so it really helps to be able to return them free when a particular style doesn't quite fit.

(Posted at 1:04 pm on December 2, 2009.)

5 Stars Good Service

My son will not wear any shoes other than Sketchers, and Zappos has one of the best selections around. Their return policy is great - and with growing feet that is a must!

(Posted at 10:00 am on November 30, 2009.)

4 Stars Zappos is Best

Wife loves shoes and Zappos makes it possible for her to keep her closet full. I'd bet over the last 5 years that half of her purchases have come from Zappos. When we drive through KY we always have to stop at the store. On line is good as it they don't work out, then easy to return.

(Posted at 4:31 pm on November 29, 2009.)

5 Stars Love Everything about Zapppos!

I do a ton of ordering online and have found Zappos to be one of, if not the best, online merchants I have ever dealt with. The prices on the shoes I have purchased are great and they are always at my home practically the day after I have ordered them, using their regular service. If not satisfied, they offer free returns and fast credits. I have never had a problem and will always deal with them.

(Posted at 4:23 pm on November 29, 2009.)

5 Stars zappos review

Excellent prices, expedited FREE shipping,tons of selection and availability! Great customer service rounds out a great company!!!!

(Posted at 2:45 pm on November 29, 2009.)

4 Stars My First Experience with Zappos

I liked the Zappos website and the list of all the name brands available at Zappos. I ordered 6 pair of shoes and I love them, however, I could not find a way to identify the width of my foot, only the size. It's extremely helpful to know that you have a various width sizes, but no explanation as to how to know how to arrive at the options.

Love your website! I saw it for the first time on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

(Posted at 12:37 pm on November 28, 2009.)

5 Stars Excellent service

I have a actually never ordered from Zappos but learned from my sister of their excellent service and variety of shoes. She and I both wear a women's size 11 shoe and Zappos has a wonderful selection, moreso than anywhere in Idaho! I am excited to check it out!

(Posted at 9:31 am on November 28, 2009.)

5 Stars Great Site

I have recommended to all of my friends and coworkers. The selection is huge and the service is great.Outstanding site.

(Posted at 9:22 am on November 28, 2009.)

5 Stars Zappos Keen Sandal Order Review

I cannot say enough good things about Zappo. I recently ordered a pairofKeen Sandals as a Birthday gift and as aways with Zappos, the shoes where delivered quickly andI had no issues with the purchase.

The shipping is free both ways which is great also.

(Posted at 9:12 am on November 28, 2009.)

4 Stars Mrs

I love the wide selection that Zappos providesas well a the competitive prices

(Posted at 6:58 pm on November 23, 2009.)

5 Stars love your service

I love Zappos! I have bought many pairs of shoes from you. Some have not fit properly and others were perfect. There has never been a problem with returns. You have made your website so easy and consumer friendly. I reccomend this website to everyone. Thannk you Zappos!

(Posted at 3:23 pm on November 20, 2009.)

5 Stars strong search service

it's really easy to find exactly what you are looking for. I wish things weren't quite so expensive, but the quality has been great on everything i've purchased.

(Posted at 12:06 pm on November 20, 2009.)

5 Stars great shoes great price

I just love the selection, great prices and free shipping

(Posted at 8:15 am on November 20, 2009.)

5 Stars I love shoes

the site is very easy to use has the brands I love (naughty monkey and old gringo)

(Posted at 8:42 pm on November 18, 2009.)

5 Stars Effiecently sleek

This is the best online system of buying things ever. The free shipping and return policies are amazing

(Posted at 9:40 pm on November 8, 2009.)

5 Stars This is the Place!

Zappos is the most professional place to do business on the web. It's the most prompt mailing I've seen anywhere. They understand why people like me shop for shoes over the internet. Wide shoes and other unusual sizes cannot be found elsewhere. However, if trying on shoes costs $20.00 a pop, it's almost impossible to do. The prices aren't higher than anywhere else, either. Zappos is friendly, I like their attitude, and will continue to shop there.

(Posted at 9:03 am on October 27, 2009.)



(Posted at 12:48 pm on October 25, 2009.)

4 Stars Good service

You can usually find the right shoes at a good price, returns are fast and easy.

(Posted at 11:32 am on October 20, 2009.)

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