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Apple Store Rating Overall Apple Store has a 4.6 star rating based on 163 user reviews.

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4 Stars The cost of amazing technology.

Great overall products, the only problem I have is how expensive most of the products are. I wish that the student discount actually felt like a discount.

(Posted at 5:24 pm on November 21, 2010.)

5 Stars The iPod Touch :)

The iPod Touch looks to be the best piece of technology to come down the line in a great many years!!! I love my Macbook Pro and hope to enjoy an iPod Touch too :)

(Posted at 5:22 pm on November 21, 2010.)

5 Stars Great service!

Great service, every time I walk through their doors! Usually they get you in and out in a day and they always have a smile on their faces

(Posted at 5:20 pm on November 21, 2010.)

5 Stars Excellent Service!!

Great service every time I walk through the doors! Usually they get you in and out in a day or two and they always have a smile on their faces :)

(Posted at 5:19 pm on November 21, 2010.)

5 Stars Great service!

I had an excellent time in the Apple Store in Fishers Indiana. The employees there were excellent in helping me find the right Macbook for me!

(Posted at 5:12 pm on November 21, 2010.)

5 Stars ipod Nano 6ht generation

The iPod Nano 6th generation 8GB is great. I prefer the Nano over the shuffle due to the touch screen, and being able to see what I'm selecting. It's easy to use, and I love the size. It's the perfect for walking, running, mowing the yard, or relaxing by the pool. I would recommend the Nano for everyone's music player.

So far there is nothing that I dislike about the Nano.

(Posted at 4:45 pm on November 21, 2010.)

5 Stars The apple store is the best

Once i walked into the apple store i knew it was the best electronic store ever. It was nice, clean, and inviting! There was so much stuff, I didnt know where to start. At the school they had apple computers, and i just wanted one for my self! I want the apple ipod touch, prefurably a 4th gen. with 64gb:) But they are just so expensive. Please pick me to win the contest i would apreciate it so so so so so much!!!!

Love, Sydney

(Posted at 4:35 pm on November 21, 2010.)

5 Stars Helpful

I am always impressed by the helpfulness and patience of all the mac employees. I converted form dell to mac and have had such a great experience with mac..I wish I had converted earlier.

(Posted at 1:01 pm on November 21, 2010.)

5 Stars Apple around the world

I have lived in the USA and Germany and have been to the apple more then once in each country. The store is alway up to stock and has what you need. They catch many people's eye, which is why people are alway in the store.Not only is the store nice, but so are the workers.They are wiling to hep with any problem you have with your apple device and do it with a smile :). You get fast and good quality service, most of the time at the store and in the same day or two days.They workers happy attitude and the store's happy environment make shopping in the apple store just that much better.I really recommend the apple stores everywhere and give them a great review!

(Posted at 10:33 am on November 21, 2010.)

5 Stars contact options

Love the fact that the site has easily accessible contact numbers and live chat option. Some sites make it very difficult to contact them..

(Posted at 7:03 pm on November 18, 2010.)

5 Stars Best MP3 Product on the Market!

In 2007, I received my first 2nd Generation iPod Nano Blue 4GB MP3 player as a Christmas gift. I ALWAYS wanted an iPod because it was the latest trend in my school and because I felt fabulous knowing I had Apple product. I STILL have the iPod to this day, and after dropping it numerous time, it STILL works! Despite of the dings, dents and scratches, I'm surprised that it's in working condition!! I've never had huge problem with it.

The only major problem I had was that when it would freeze. To fix that problem, all I did was to slide the top button to HOLD and slide it back to the original side and hold the MENU button and the middle button. Problem solved! I haven't had a issue like that in a long time. I praise Apple on their excellent services and products. The next product I would LOVE to get is the MacBook Pro in Aluminum. I REALLY wanted it in Black, but they no longer make it in Black, but it's okay! I will move on! I highly recommend Apple to my friends/family and co-workers.

(Posted at 5:18 pm on November 18, 2010.)

5 Stars I love the Apple Store!!

I went to the Apple Store in New York City and it was by far the best place to shop!! I bought all of my Christmas gifts early. They have something for everyone in the family. Cute sock covers for my daughters nano. Great gift ideas! Loved the store!

(Posted at 3:25 pm on November 17, 2010.)

5 Stars great service

i love apple and i think the folks that work their are very nice and helpfull if i was buying any electronics i would buy it from apple

(Posted at 6:43 pm on November 16, 2010.)

4 Stars its very cool

its convenient to search what ever i want and very user friendly

(Posted at 6:21 am on November 15, 2010.)

5 Stars Customer service

Apple Customer Service was awesome, i needed help identifying a Generation of an Ipod Touch and they helped me through the Chat Help. They also introduced Apple Care to me which I had no idea existed. They recommended gigabytes of Ipods and their uses which helped me alot. Overall Apple Store is a Helpful reliable site

(Posted at 5:59 pm on November 14, 2010.)

4 Stars Great products, great service

Apple has incredible service and incredible products.

(Posted at 12:32 pm on November 14, 2010.)

5 Stars great- awesome electronics-high rating

I ve bought several electronics from Apple. My oldest item is the ipod nano which I've had for several years

and they continue to work, as of they were bought yesterday. The company makes great gadgets that last for many, many years. I am happy to say that I am avid consumer. I will continue to buy other electronics that are high quality and company that honors customer satisfaction. Thank you

(Posted at 11:24 am on November 14, 2010.)

5 Stars thank you

overall the store was very easy to use. the online expert helped me find some discounts and saved me some money out of my own pocket. thank you for all of the help you provided.

(Posted at 11:27 pm on November 13, 2010.)

5 Stars apple review

the best in electronics is here at the apple web site. ipods, apps, printers ,macs, they have it all! check it out now, you wont be let down.

(Posted at 2:50 pm on November 11, 2010.)

3 Stars New Apple Store in Chicago!

The new Apple store in Chicago just opened up and is only a few blocks from my home. It's a huge store and we couldn't wait to check it out. My kids and I liked that there are so many models of every product all over the store for us to try. And even though the store was packed with hundreds of people, we still were able to walk right up and try anything we wanted with no wait. However, it was so crowded that it felt very chaotic and if we had wanted to purchase something I'm not sure where we were supposed to go or with whom we were supposed to speak. A fun place to go with the kids but I think I'll still make my Apple purchases from the Best Buy up the street!

(Posted at 2:10 pm on November 11, 2010.)

5 Stars Apple!

Apple has so much to offer on one site. Its easy to find what your looking for, its the perfect place to buy all your favorite electronics. The products are great but keep getting better, like the new ipod touch! Its so much better than the last gen, and i thought nothing could top it when it first came out, i was shocked. I just can't wait to see what they come up with next!

(Posted at 1:40 pm on November 11, 2010.)

4 Stars My Apple Store Experience

When I first walked into the store I immediately was a little overwhelmed by all the employees dressed in blue. I remained proactive still and docked myself at a few of the nearby stations. Within seconds I was approached and pitched to. I mentioned how I was only browsing but appreciated their support at the same time. All in all, I was very pleased with my apple store experience though, but thought they should have been a little less aggressive. I recommend everyone to purchase their apple products at the store due to the quality service but be ready for a conversation the second you make eye contact.

(Posted at 1:57 am on November 10, 2010.)

5 Stars very good

I bought all mt i-touches from the apple store. There employees are all wonderful and it is so much ffun just to be in there looking around at all the cool stuff.

(Posted at 12:24 pm on November 7, 2010.)

5 Stars awesome

i love apple products. they definitely have the best value out of all the audio and computer industries. their products seriously do last.

(Posted at 12:50 pm on November 6, 2010.)

5 Stars apple store wonderland

The apple store is so organized and clean store . The employees are so helpful. They are best and nicest people I have ever meet. It is the greatest store in the world.

(Posted at 10:26 pm on November 4, 2010.)

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