Walmart Reviews

Walmart Reviews

Walmart Rating Overall Walmart has a 4.1 star rating based on 228 user reviews.

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4 Stars client oriented/centered

walmart makes every effort possible to make both internal and external customers happy.

(Posted at 2:07 am on November 9, 2013.)

5 Stars Simple request

I just need a deal on $50 and $100 walmart gift cards.

No expiration date

maybe 15% off

that the recipiant can use for anything, anytime, at any Walmart location.

such as $50 gift card for $42.50, and $100 gift card for $85.00.

this would be big, real big.

guess its just "to simple"

Eric Connolly (516)806-7686

(Posted at 5:34 pm on October 6, 2013.)

1 Stars Does not do it for me

This place really sucks. People are rude. It is a ajar top-off. Avoid at all cost.

(Posted at 7:04 pm on May 31, 2013.)

5 Stars great service

i am very satisfied with the customer service that walmart provides for my fam and I. the walmart in los angeles off of crenshaw and king is so very organized and well put especially now with the remodeling they just did... thank you walmart for providing excellent workers to satisfy our customer needs...

(Posted at 6:37 am on January 15, 2013.)

4 Stars Good

Very affordable prices and clean surroundings in the stores

(Posted at 12:21 am on September 28, 2012.)

5 Stars always Walmart

I always check Walmart before buying anything, Their prices are almost always less than other places,

(Posted at 2:37 pm on July 5, 2012.)

5 Stars A2Z store

The clearance IS GOOD.

Great selection of hoodies.

Overall it's a very clean and well taken Care of location

Place where we will get A2Z ...

I would definitely recommend.

(Posted at 11:14 pm on April 10, 2012.)

1 Stars Horrified by Walmart's brutality to pigs

Have you seen the under cover investigation of the suppliers that provide Walmart with pork? Terrible brutality to the piglets. They suffer terribly, their tails and testicles are cut off without any anesthetic or care. Gestational pig crates where the mother pigs cannot even turn around are used 24 hours per day, and dead, injured pigs are left uncared for. Look at the humane society link for yourself. I will not shop at Walmart until this is corrected. I like discounts but we must treat the animals in this world with basic care, not abuse. Check out [email protected].

(Posted at 7:17 pm on February 11, 2012.)

4 Stars Online Shopping

I love the online shopping.

(Posted at 8:41 pm on November 2, 2011.)


I love walmart the best store ever to shop at!!!

(Posted at 6:29 pm on October 6, 2011.)

4 Stars online shopping

Very easy site to use. Love free shippin to closest walmart.

(Posted at 4:22 pm on September 15, 2011.)

4 Stars Mom and Shopper

I love Walmart. I go to Walmart at least 3 times a week. No one can beat the savings with the Great Value products. I love that you can get almost anything at Walmart. I particullarly like the Walmart by my house has an extensive craft and fabric section. Please don't stop offering the reduced fabrics! I have been to Walmart at all hours of the night. It has even been a lifesaver for me for my business. I am an interior designer, and I have needed supplies and even decor items in the middle of the night. I have truely enjoyed my Walmart. Thank you!

(Posted at 3:44 pm on August 23, 2011.)







(Posted at 5:23 pm on August 7, 2011.)

4 Stars What I think of Walmart

I like shopping at Walmart because it has great clearance items and their prices are lower then most other grocery stores. I also like the fact that you can do all of your shopping their including food and non food items. The only thing I would say about shopping at Walmart is that the meats, fruits and vegetables are not as fresh and appealing as other grocery stores and they don't offer to help you out with your bags. Overall I like shopping at Walmart.

(Posted at 2:22 pm on June 10, 2011.)

5 Stars Detailed Walmart Review:

Walmart can be described as a save-money store that offers various ways for you to save money because of the fact that they accept store coupons and something many people do is that they compare prices with other stores which is variously acceptable ,they also get retail prices low every day. The store was made for large families to buy but if you want a walmart store with more variety and quantity in terms of articles for that reason Walmart Supercenter was made.Walmart with its low prices and having much more options to save from those prices makes it a better place for families to buy whatever it is that they need.

Save money .live better. Walmart

(Posted at 9:29 pm on May 27, 2011.)

5 Stars Shopping for a TV

After researching TV's, Wal Mart had the best price than any electronic store. It was very easy to find what I was looking for.

(Posted at 1:33 am on May 26, 2011.)

5 Stars Has many things for good prices!

Walmart is a very good store. It contains a lot of things (such as food and electronics) at a reasonable price. I have been very happy with Walmart. I will recommend people to this amazing store!

(Posted at 7:35 pm on March 31, 2011.)

1 Stars Stick to the stores and not online

If you have a store near you, just stick with that. I thought I was getting a good deal on a blu ray player for my computer but they shipped me the wrong product. Then they didn't refund the full price because the tax rate "was different"! On top of that they gave me the run around about getting my money back for the shipping cost of their mistake. I never got it back!

Don't mess with online, cuz if they mess up, they'll want you to take it to a store where they will rip you off or send it back at your cost. LAME.

(Posted at 7:28 am on March 31, 2011.)

5 Stars Walmart is at the top of my shopping list.

I truly enjoy shopping at Walmart and I will tell you why. It is convenient. It is located within 3 miles of my house, it is open 24 hours and it is basically one stop shopping. It is currently expanding to add more food items and that means I will not have to go to the grocery store after making my Walmart purchases. I don't have to drive from store to store looking for the best price and a great inventory because Walmart has it all. One of my pet peeves is long lines and watching your ice cream melt while you are waiting to pay for it. No long lines of waiting at my Walmart. When I am very busy and don't have the time to go out to a Walmart, I just go online and make my purchase, have it shipped to the store and I don't have to pay those pricey shipping charges. I Love Walmart!

(Posted at 5:00 pm on March 30, 2011.)

5 Stars Walmart is unbeatable

Walmart is the "Go To" store. Whatever you need Walmart is pretty much the one stop shopping place. I can get everything from soap to clothes to housewares to bread. I head to walmart at least twice a week and never leave empty handed!

(Posted at 1:45 am on March 30, 2011.)

4 Stars limited options

have shopped at wallmart for years, and every time

i go in they have discontinued something else i

use. their prices are good,and that's what brings

me back, but i have started to look at other mer-

chants lately due to above.

(Posted at 7:43 pm on March 27, 2011.)

4 Stars Great!

I love Walmarts deals, great low pricing, and super fast shipping. The down side, customer servoce isn't the greatest all the time, but usually you can get any problems resolved without too much trouble. I shop online with them often, and love the web only items and their Site-To-Store options, saves me a ton on shipping. The only drawback is there is no STS available to Alaska, but when I have to shop for others in the lower 48, it's really great to have!

(Posted at 11:50 am on March 25, 2011.)

4 Stars advid shopper

Wlamart continues to dominate retail, not with jsut it prices, but also its assortment. We do not have the largest walmart where I live, but they do a good job overall. The larger Walmart 30 minutes from here is a shopping delight. Easier to move through and shop.

(Posted at 8:29 pm on March 22, 2011.)

1 Stars Jewlry

If you don't mind that a thousand other women are wearing the same necklace and earrings then Walmart can be your jewlry store as well as your grocery store and tire place and clothing boutique and guess what you can also get all your fishing gear and planting stuff for your garden and I bet you can find painting supplies and anything else you want.

(Posted at 4:12 pm on March 19, 2011.)

4 Stars once a week shopper!

I shop at walmart once a week, thanks to your low prices i save money, which is greatly needed in todays economy. My husband is a long hual truck driver and it is to expensive for him to eat on the road. He has a little frigerator and a microve in his truck so we buy grocerys at walmart and i prepare his meals for him at home, he takes it with him on the road, not only does it save us money, it helps keep him more healthy since he does not get much exercise, so shopping at walmart definitly saves on the grocery bill for us, plus i love the fact that i can print coupons online which is a blessing! I do however wish there was another walmart on the other side of town, it is very crowded all the time when we shop at our walmart, here in kingman, az....Thanks walmart for rolling back prices!

(Posted at 3:29 pm on March 16, 2011.)

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