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Zappos Rating Overall Zappos has a 4.8 star rating based on 376 user reviews.

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5 Stars Loyal Customer

I like that Zappos is online!!! All of my experiences with this company have been exceptional!

(Posted at 2:12 pm on June 10, 2011.)

5 Stars What great customer service

I am so impressed with what I have heard from friends about customer service at Zappos I will shop for myself and will pass it on to my other friends and family.

(Posted at 9:58 am on June 7, 2011.)

5 Stars always happy

eveytime i have oredered from Zappos the shoes always fit perfect. Service is excellent.

(Posted at 7:43 am on June 3, 2011.)

5 Stars I would shop there again!

Everything they sell is high quailty. I am purchasing 2 more pairs of shoes. It's a great way to find the size you need.

(Posted at 7:38 pm on May 28, 2011.)

5 Stars Awesome

I would buy items from Zappo anytime. They carry good products. They are quick with their deliveries. The best is their return policy is so easy. If something you ordered doesn't fit it's easy to send back.

(Posted at 11:12 am on May 23, 2011.)

4 Stars Great shipping and return policy

I have bought shoes from Zappos in the past. Whenever something did not fit, all I had to do,was make a phone call for a printable label and off they went for an exchange or refund.

Just find that the prices are up there with the DSWs and Off Broadways, which is too high for me and I need to look for a promo code or a sale to buy from them.

They have a pair of shoe I really want right now but need a code to purchase...

(Posted at 7:21 am on May 19, 2011.)

5 Stars I love the free shipping!

I was going to order from BCBG directly but checked your sight and you had the same dress but with free shipping.

(Posted at 9:19 pm on May 12, 2011.)

5 Stars shoes


(Posted at 12:29 pm on May 10, 2011.)

5 Stars The Best

Zappos is absolutely the best. I never go to department stores anymore. The staff is excellent and helpful and the quality and selection cannot be beat. Thank you Zappos.

(Posted at 8:59 am on May 6, 2011.)

5 Stars has everything

i love that Zappos has like everything i want! like brand clothing and no tax or shipping!

(Posted at 12:16 am on April 29, 2011.)

5 Stars excellent

Zappos has an amazing selection and prices that can't be beat.If you are looking for bargins on quality brand this is the place to go

(Posted at 8:21 am on April 26, 2011.)

5 Stars awesome

i love the website, cheap, deatailed, easy to use, great selection

(Posted at 7:50 pm on April 25, 2011.)

4 Stars Zappos Deal!

This is a great website it has a lot of great deals and I like how it's free shipping!!

(Posted at 4:06 pm on April 21, 2011.)

5 Stars buying my favorite shoes on Zappo

I work full time and I find shopping for shoes, clothes and purses at retail stores too time consuming. I would like to shop on line and find ways to acquire coupons to assist me with my purchases. If possible, I would like to purchase all of my shoes thru you......

(Posted at 9:37 pm on April 17, 2011.)

5 Stars User friendly!

Zappos is great to do business with! Friendly people, and great products, generous return policy! It all adds up to a great on-line shopping experience!

(Posted at 10:39 pm on April 13, 2011.)

4 Stars Selections

I love finding products online at Zappos. I can always find stylish gifts and things for myself. Plus basic running shoes for my kids.

(Posted at 11:52 pm on April 12, 2011.)

5 Stars great shoe website

I am very surprised and pleased with zappos website. You have a great selection of shoes in smaller sizes. i wear a size 5 and it is always difficult to find such a small size. you have a great selection. I will definatelly return and buy shoes at sappos.

(Posted at 11:05 am on April 10, 2011.)

5 Stars Great online shopping

I have had great success shopping with Zappos great prices, selection and fast shipping

(Posted at 11:33 am on April 7, 2011.)

5 Stars Great Shoe Choices

Love Zappo's for their prices and selections and the return free policy... I have enjoyed shopping winter and summer shoes with Zappo's, makes it easy for me and great looks on the feet.

(Posted at 9:22 am on April 7, 2011.)

4 Stars Pleased

I have not ordered shoes yet, but so far I like what I see. Zappos offer a wide selection of the most popular shoes and accessories. I've recently started running for the first time in my life. I began researching online running shoes and was immediatly drawn to Zappos website. The selection is so large, it's hard to decide. What I like most is the prices. J. Lowe, Flint, MI

(Posted at 8:23 pm on April 4, 2011.)



(Posted at 12:06 pm on April 2, 2011.)

5 Stars Simply Marvelous

Zappos has the best shoe collection ever.I really love their shoes but they are kind of expensive for my budget.I need a discount or a coupon.

(Posted at 10:00 pm on April 1, 2011.)

5 Stars Love it

Zappos is the best. Great items and even better customer service.

Thanks for this great site.

(Posted at 10:33 pm on March 31, 2011.)

5 Stars amazing service

I had just recently the occasion to use Zappos. The 1st pair of shoes didn't fit and they did an exchange for another pair by transferring the payment. The 2nd pair also didn't fit and even though it is only supposed to be 1 exchange, they helped me again. Their customer service and free ship both ways is outstanding. Their customer service is second to none.

(Posted at 2:15 pm on March 31, 2011.)

5 Stars The best of the best!

Since I found Zappos, several years ago, have to say I have never been disappointed. The variety of styles in wide width shoes was a pleasant surprise. Their Customer Service surpasses most websites. On ocassion I ordered shoes and they arrive the next day. The return policy is on of the services that keeps me coming back. Never had a problem returning shoes. Although it doesn't happen often.

All in all I believe in Zappos and recommend their website to family and friends.

(Posted at 12:06 pm on March 30, 2011.)

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