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Best Buy Rating Overall Best Buy has a 4.4 star rating based on 1534 user reviews.

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4 Stars Canon Powershot

Good camera for the low price; a little slow lag time; pictures clear; nice size;

(Posted at 11:12 am on November 27, 2009.)

5 Stars Assistance with Best Buy/ Geek Squad

I just wrote about my Gateway 8gb, 650hard drive, 2 quad processor desktop computer and customer service.

2 months later Connecticut Light & Power gave us an "upgrade" by installing a transformer meant to power Yankee Stadium.

I visited Best Buy and after the usual chat about Hurricane CL&P the sales rep asked if I NEEDED HELP - something the power company wouldn't do.

So, we looked at:

Stoves, microwaves, TV's, VCR/DVD players, vonage phone systems, audio set up for my TV and more.

Their assistance was greatly appreciated,

I was so tired I couldn't think straight, their assistance was greatly appricated!!


(Posted at 11:02 am on November 27, 2009.)

5 Stars Gateway 8GB 650Hard drive

In March I bought a Gateway LX6810-01 8GB 650Hard drive desktop. I didn't understand what 2 Quad processors meant so I found someone to help.

The sales rep didn't rush me through a quick sales "pitch' then run off to help someone else. He stayed and answered questions tailored to my needs.

I called my son explaining I wanted to buy this computer then handed the phone to the sales rep. I really couldn't tell you all the "jibberish" they were talking but the sales rep knew his stuff! I never heard:

Well, I dunno.

It's possible.


I'll have to go look it up.

I liked the fact he took time to help me and speak to my son over the phone.

I am disabled so they attempted to load the boxes into my SMALL coupe and it wouldn't fit! The guy removed the computer from the box and rested it on the seat. The he folded up the box and placed it in my "trunk" with the extras. That was a HUGE help, it would have taken me an hour to do that.

This service is a FAR CRY from Walmart's "helpful" staff.


(Posted at 10:19 am on November 27, 2009.)

5 Stars best store in town - great customer service

best store in town - only place for best prices - great customer service

(Posted at 9:26 am on November 27, 2009.)

5 Stars Camera Fix

I just bought a new Sony digital camera in 2008 and for some reason the LCD screen went blank. Best Buy sent the camera back with out any problems and fixed everything. I had gotten a quote for over 500.00 from a local camera ship. I had my receipt and it was still under the 1 year warranty. All is great now and everything is fixed. I was very please with my customer service from Best Buy and will continue to make all my electronic purchases with them.


(Posted at 7:34 am on November 27, 2009.)

4 Stars Overall Store Thoughts

I think Best Buy is organized and they do a good job with the flow of customers especially on days like today (black friday). However I would like to see them offer more deals on electronics throughout other parts of the year. It seems like they don't have any BIG sales, and rather just advertise computers, TV, stereros, for maybe 1-5% off. I know everyone is greedy on black friday but throughout the whole holiday season I would like to see more offers similar to the prices on black friday. This could even be online as well.

(Posted at 5:10 am on November 27, 2009.)

5 Stars Best Buy is the Best Store Around!

Recently purchsed my new home TV at Best Buy and I couldn't be happier. My shopping experience was excellent since the sales associate was very knowledgeable about the products and gave me a good recommendation on my new TV I have at home. The great financing option is another great thing about Best Buy and I couldn't be happier!

(Posted at 3:17 am on November 27, 2009.)

5 Stars No problems

Over the years I have dealt with many different electronics, music, and just general gadget stores. Best Buy is the only one that I have never had any problems with. Whether it be advice, service, or clarity in explaining how something operates in plain laymans terms. I also have never had to return any products. If I come in looking for something in particular, they seem to have no problem showing me something that would work better for my application, even if it is at a lower cost. It seems they actually have the customer in mind, not the almighty dollar.

(Posted at 10:31 pm on November 26, 2009.)

5 Stars i love cupons

this is a good way to save money

(Posted at 9:14 pm on November 26, 2009.)

5 Stars honest workers, go at yout pace, helpfull

i recently bought a hp desktop and the workers that helped me were the best. They didnt rush me, went at my speed, told me about best deals, loaded it for me ( im old) and were very honest.

(Posted at 8:16 pm on November 26, 2009.)

5 Stars My best time is at Best Buy

Best Buy has the best customer service ever!!!

As soon as you enter the store someone is there

to help you. Not only that they are always informative and know the answers to all my questions.

Even when I'm not sure what I am talking about.

And we haven't even used the geek squad.

They are very courteous and polite. I would recommend

everyone to shop there.

(Posted at 7:49 pm on November 26, 2009.)

5 Stars Best Buy is a Blessing

I am completely blessed to have a store that cares. It was always attentive and always there. I got what I wanted I didn't have to wait. My patience was't tested and there was no line at the gate. Thanks and have a blessed day.

(Posted at 7:42 pm on November 26, 2009.)

5 Stars It's A Wonderful Life...because of Best Buy

What impresses me most about Best Buy is the unbelievable service. Having people who know what they are talking about, and who are committed to recommending the best products (regardless of price) is refreshing. Having never had a bad experience at Best Buy, I I can only give the store praise and admiration for years of excellent service. Whether it's buying a new television, top of the line music devices for family members, or the latest technology for any aspect of life, Best Buy has it covered. I can count on that.

(Posted at 7:03 pm on November 26, 2009.)

5 Stars great website

great website easy to use and navigate. great customer service.

(Posted at 6:50 pm on November 26, 2009.)

4 Stars Great retailer for most things

Best buy has great prices and a decent selection. I recommend comparing their prices with Amazon and other retailers and always search for a coupon before shopping!!

(Posted at 2:58 pm on November 26, 2009.)

5 Stars Sales Person Service

Went to the North Ave. Store in Chicago to pick up a game for the xbox. While there I was browsing the computers, a sales associate came up to me asking me if i needed help. She was very knowledgeable about the apple brand. Good thing to know that they do their homework about the bands they sell. She gave me enough confidence to make the switch from PC to Mac and I've never been happier. Walk out of the store that day with a Mac Book Pro. Great service, great experience. Great brands.

(Posted at 10:25 am on November 26, 2009.)

4 Stars Love best buys

Allways helpful

(Posted at 9:53 am on November 26, 2009.)

5 Stars Neat

The main thing that I like best about Best Buy is that everything is organized in a way that I can find the things that I need right away. I'm the type pf person that just goes to the stores to get what I want and then leave. With the easy to read signs of where everything are, it is very convience for me.

(Posted at 9:07 am on November 26, 2009.)

5 Stars Great Experience

I wanted a laptop on the Black Friday sales but wasn't sure if I wanted the experience? Being able to view the Ad online ahead of time & then reading the fine print that some would be on sale Online ON THURSDAY was great. I called your help #, CSR was more than helpful & advised sales may start at 2:00 AM. I was up & ordering & waiting for my laptop to open up at Special Price, it wasn't until 6:30/7:00 but I breezed right thru the purchase for the most part. The details are great to do comparisons and the info needed was accessible all over your site w/personal help if needed. Not sure I got such a Great Deal that I thought I was, but it seems pretty good to me as the ease of ordering in my PJ's on my couch instead of standing in a cold parking lot for 10 hours was much more appealing. Thank you. I hope to fully enjoy my purchase

(Posted at 7:35 am on November 26, 2009.)

5 Stars customer service

The associates at the customer service helped me out, they took a lot of time helping me, and noy rushing me.Very helpfull, and explained everything i needed to no. Walked away a very happy satisfied customer. Thank you

(Posted at 3:49 am on November 26, 2009.)

5 Stars Get THE best buy from the Best Buy

After years of experiences of buy all sorts of electronic devices from many places, online or in store, from China, to USA, I finally decide that Best Buy is the ultimate place for truly smart customers who always make the Best out of their money. First of all, always the best cost-performance ratio. Take computer as an example, if you take a very very close look into the configurations, cpu, memory, disk, graphic card, will find those good deals from places like NewEgg are actually not actually make the best of the price, not as good as Best Buy; Second, professional on-site service, electoric devices are developing so fast that no single person can have exact knowledge to find out what is the Best of their budget and requirements; In Best Buy, you can always walk into some staff that can talk patiently with you about your desires, you budgets, lead you to the best stuff; and if something better is going to happen in near future, they will actually recommend wait for the Best to come. Third, you can find almost all popular brand in Best Buy store or Website; Forth, always Best shopping environment, no odd smells, no loud noise...There still tons of Best you will find yourself in Best Buy. It's very simple, get to the store, talk to the staff and find the Best.

(Posted at 11:57 pm on November 25, 2009.)

5 Stars Best Buy

The name says it all

(Posted at 11:25 pm on November 25, 2009.)

4 Stars Usually good

I am from with that said people are very opinionated. Now I live in northern VA but associates at Best Buy do not change. The company must have strong values and goals for its employees to be that dedicated to the brand. I enjoy shopping at the company and will continue in the future.

(Posted at 9:53 pm on November 25, 2009.)

5 Stars You are very good!

Best buy is by far my favorite store. I joke with my wife that I will get an autopilot set up in my car to drive me straight to Best Buy. I teach 5th grade and our "store" where that can buy supplies and such is named the Best Buy.

(Posted at 6:31 pm on November 25, 2009.)

4 Stars Efficient shopping at Best Buy

The store layout design is easy for customers to move in and out of isles. Staff are polite and ready to accommodate the customers. There are many checkout lanes so checking out is fast and easy.

(Posted at 1:26 pm on November 25, 2009.)

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