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1 Stars I don't like this store

So many things that I have purchased there have been of inferior quality. Price, not quality or customer service is their main priority.

(Posted at 9:57 am on February 24, 2010.)

5 Stars Great Customer Service

Inside the Grandville, MI location Wal-mart they have great workers that go the extra mile when needed. I was recently in the store to buy something for a baby shower. I had the list from the other store and the worker from the Grandville Wal-mart helped me find the matching item within their store.

(Posted at 1:52 pm on February 22, 2010.)

4 Stars Great Store!

Walmart is a great store! I always tell my friends this is the store I could live it if I could! It has everything in it! The clothes are fabulous, even though it sounds weird coming from a general merchandise store..nothing can beat WalMart. It is a store with cheap and quality items. Whenever there is a need for anything in our household, we go to WalMart =)

(Posted at 7:57 pm on February 18, 2010.)

5 Stars Walmart

i love walmart so much because thats where i get my food, game systems, furniture and pretty much everything. i save about $500 bucks a year so it's really cheap and i save money every time i go. i will always count on walmart and i hope to win the ipod. but if not that stinks!

(Posted at 2:46 pm on February 18, 2010.)

5 Stars I love walmart

Every time i go to walmart i always see what i need.they always help me if i have a promlen .

(Posted at 8:15 pm on February 17, 2010.)

5 Stars walmart

i go to your store all the time. I look at diffrent store prices and yours are always the best. You have bundles liek you can get a camrea or ipod with many other things with it like case and screen protecter, for only about 10 to 20 more dollars. I shop online more i dont go to your store everyday. More like 1 to 5 times a month. I one time looked a 6 diffrent stores websites. You had the best price and great deals. I love you walmart and i hope you still make great prices over the years.


(Posted at 4:03 pm on February 17, 2010.)

5 Stars Low low low

I went into the store because I wanted to buy a stereo but the place I went to before was too expensive, but at Walmart i was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was almost half the price! When they save low prices they mean it! I can handle the fact that the service is nto really that great and yes you can tell that the workers don't want to be there, but for the low prices I dont care it is definitely worth it!

(Posted at 7:02 pm on February 15, 2010.)

1 Stars Great Prices, but at what cost

Walmart has a large selection and on average lower prices, but is a different atmosphere than Target. Most trips are less enjoyable when it involves a stop a this hell hole.

(Posted at 6:54 pm on February 15, 2010.)

5 Stars Experience Through Hardship

Following festivities this previous year's holiday season, Wal-Mart became a fixture amongst our family.

While having been a long term consumer, purveyor of the Mega Mart itself, not until one specific and endearing employee imprinted the stores philosophy candidly to us did we realize what an impact Wal-Mart has been upon this community.

To much shorten a payload of a story...

Shana currently heads our area's Customer Service desk. With the everyday tussle of Returns, complaints, lost children.

While approaching the store, my uncle having been holding the return bag turns to open the door; he is suddenly swiped of his bag. Shana having witnessed the snatching, radios instantly to security waiting in the parking lot, not more than a football field away! Bag Recovered!

Well, all in all. I feel if it weren't for the reflexes and heart she displayed to radio so quickly, our property would have been lost. Regardless of the recovery of the merchandise, we learned valuable lessons.

She and Wal-Mart showed true integrity.

BTW... We just exchanged...No Return

Derek Brown

Sunshine State

(Posted at 1:15 am on February 14, 2010.)

5 Stars Walmart is my chioice for stores

walmart has everything i need for everyday life.

i go there at least twice a week and even buy my phone services from it.

it is a smart and cheep way to live.

without walmart, i would have a hard time choosing where to get my supplies from.

i have seen that walmart hires people of all races and with all disabilities, and i enjoy knowing that these people can work here. this store has great brands and quality.

i recomend this store to all my friends and family. i even eat at the WALMART MCDONALDS. Although i love walmart, they should have more types and qualaties of clothing and jackets, etc.

overall, i love Walmart!!!

(Posted at 2:59 pm on January 31, 2010.)


Fort Myers Stores...Please Please PLEASE

(Posted at 4:50 pm on January 30, 2010.)

5 Stars grocery shopping =]

wal-mart is great on low prices with their food.i can go in wal-mart and spend so little on a lot of food. wal-mart is the best place and the only place i go for my grocery shopping.

(Posted at 8:12 pm on January 29, 2010.)

4 Stars amazing!

i love walmarts prices on most of their items.

i believe that the baby items such as cribs, bedding, and etc., should be lowered. im a teen who is pregnant, and its hard for me to buy baby items, and i just think some of the items should be a bit lower. i absolutely love walmarts junior apparel, it beats the prices of the name brand clothes, and look just as good.

(Posted at 8:10 pm on January 29, 2010.)

3 Stars Not So Good If Not A Superstore

Recently I went to a "regular" Walmart that recently cut back it's inventory I suppose to create more space in the store, but was unable to find the leather repair kit I was looking for. I was informed that the item was currently only carried in the Superstore Walmart quite a ways up the road.

That said, the store is attractive and has many good deals. I will continue to shop there.

(Posted at 3:50 pm on January 28, 2010.)

5 Stars Save alot of Money

I like going to Walmart because they truly have the best deals. Although I didnt like their Blu Ray selection they have the other things that make up for it. I love the Walmart Supercenters because of the great selection and their prices. I always like to go when it is not too busy as well.

(Posted at 5:00 pm on January 27, 2010.)

5 Stars excellent return policy

Walmart has a good customer service (return policy); within reason of time of return; proper repacking and with a receipt.. I have shopped for electronic items and their prices are very competitive and easy return policy if it does not workout.

(Posted at 4:49 pm on January 27, 2010.)



(Posted at 12:45 pm on January 27, 2010.)

4 Stars Greatly satisfied with customer service, prices and selection of merch, and the positive atmosphere

Recently, Walmart has been my "one spot place to shop" . With a wide selection of name brand products at very reasonable prices, I can complete my extensive shopping list all at one place. From electronics to grocery items, I am able to find nearly everything I shop for. The staff are friendly,knowledgeable, and competent and our always willing go the extra mile for me.

(Posted at 1:49 am on January 24, 2010.)

4 Stars Great innovations, decent deals

We owe most of the way retail is done today, from store planning, stocking, buying, etc to Wal-Mart. They really revolutionized the industry, and the way they buy stock, package products, and put products on the sales floor are designed to pack as much inventory into the store as possible and make it highly visible to customers.

I generally enjoy the way Wal-Mart stores are laid out. Though the stores are very large, they are logically laid out to keep all products in logically-organized categories, which is nice. I agree with other comments, however, that aisles are generally too congested. The new open floor plan they rolled out for electronics in most stores, though, is really nice, and their photo center is hard to beat in terms of price and quality (if they have a good tech there like they do at mine!)

Since the advent of drop-shippers and closeout stores, though, I've found that Wal-Mart is not as competitive on prices as they were even 5 years ago, especially in areas of computer peripherals. They give great deals on computers and large devices, and then jack up the prices on everything else to make up for the money they don't make on their computers.

(Posted at 1:07 pm on January 18, 2010.)

3 Stars Wal-Mart Review

I don't need to shop-around... I always know that Wal-Mart has the best price and many selections for what ever I am looking for. However, many times, the item I am going to Wal-Mart specifically for is not in stock. I've had this happen with eye-liner, paper plates, etc. I also wish the isles were larger as many people take up too much room in the isles making it hard to shop. But in the end, I always end up shopping at Wal-Mart.

(Posted at 12:33 am on January 17, 2010.)

3 Stars Good prices but...

Walmart has very good prices but merchandise is often out of stock. I guess one has to be a regular shopper to Walmart to get everything one needs.

I have to a agree with the person who said that it is nice to have somewhere that has good prices but big stores have probably put some small stores out of business. That probably is not the best thing in the long run.

(Posted at 8:04 am on January 16, 2010.)

5 Stars good store

walmart always is a fun place to be

(Posted at 1:38 pm on December 8, 2009.)

3 Stars On the Fence

There are several things I like about Wal-Mart - the prices are great, and the quality of the products is generally good. On the other hand, it can be really hard to find a salesperson if you need help, and looking at the bigger picture, there are probably a lot of small local businesses that have closed because of Wal-Mart.

So on a daily basis, I'd say that it's nice to have somewhere that has such low prices. Looking ten or twenty years down the road, however, I'm not so sure whether stores like Wal-Mart are good for the economy or not.

(Posted at 11:05 pm on November 30, 2009.)

1 Stars Black Friday

I was dissappointed that Walmart gave out their tickets before 5:00am for their doorboosters. I was there at 4:45am and everything was gone. If the sale is advertise for 5:00am, then 5:00am is when you should start giving out the coupons for the limited items.

Thanks for listening.

(Posted at 8:24 pm on November 30, 2009.)

3 Stars A very short summary of review

I have enjoyed shopping at Walmart. They are very helpful and they know their jobs. I would reocmmeed to friends and family.

(Posted at 3:14 pm on November 30, 2009.)

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