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Dish Network Review

5 Stars $50 off new customers

$50 off when using this code VCD0014334999.

If calling you must say you have a friend referral code

(Posted at 7:24 pm on August 23, 2015.)

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Priceline Review

5 Stars very easy to use

site is very helpful, fast, and best deal.

(Posted at 5:10 pm on August 19, 2015.)

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Comfort Inn Review

5 Stars Comfortable

I find this hotel to be very clean with a variety of comfort including breakfast. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable and are willing to help with any questions. Every time I am in DC I like to stay at this same hotel because I know the special treatment I will receive. I highly recommend this hotel.

(Posted at 9:49 pm on August 12, 2015.)

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Zappos Review

5 Stars Zappo's review

Zappos is an excellent online store, especially for hard to find shoes and boots. The delivery is fast, orders 100% accurate in my experience, and they offer free returns as well.

Not the least expensive site, but as the old adage does: you get what you pay for. Definitely recommend to anyone seeking professional service in an online setting.

(Posted at 9:11 pm on August 9, 2015.)

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Western Union Review

5 Stars Fast

Western Union is fast and very convieniant. I would reccommend the phone app to everyone!

(Posted at 9:15 am on July 30, 2015.)

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Dish Network Review

5 Stars Save Lots of money

Details: Get $50 Off + Seasonal Sale $30 EVERY MONTH + $250 INSTANT CREDIT + All Current Promotions + Free Hopper With Sling + Free Xbox One Console When You Refer 3 Friends. Expires on 07/28/2015






(Posted at 11:39 am on July 27, 2015.)

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DirecTV Review

5 Stars Receive $100 from directv

Sign up for DIRECTV and receive $100.

call 855.273.2857 or visit and mention code 53312550.

$100 payable as bill credits $10/month for 10 months.

SELECT package or higher, 24 month agreement required. Must mention code to receive discount.

(Posted at 3:30 pm on July 17, 2015.)

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Christian Mingle Review

1 Stars Dont USE

This company when your account expires automatically renews it and then when you call and

tell them you did not renew it they say oh okay we will just charge you a month at a premium rate.

The other problem is they are always showing you people way outside your area.

Trust God stay off this site.

(Posted at 4:29 pm on July 13, 2015.)

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Priceline Review


Cheapest site very easy to use. I never use any other site

(Posted at 10:34 am on July 9, 2015.)

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Weight Watchers Review

5 Stars The best lifestyle change ever!

I love weight watchers online, I have lost 20 pounds since February.

(Posted at 1:45 am on July 6, 2015.)

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Priceline Review

5 Stars Overall I am very impressed,Low Rates***

I love, I just totaled my friends car, and I couldn't afford to lose my job. Called my boys @ Price line and as they say........ The rest was history.

(Posted at 12:11 am on June 19, 2015.)

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Zappos Review

5 Stars Very good

Is amazing

(Posted at 11:14 am on June 16, 2015.)

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LL Bean Review

5 Stars Duffle bag!!

I persuaded the small and medium duffle bag for my husband he loves them great quaintly and we are going to get a set for my son as well

(Posted at 11:39 am on June 15, 2015.)

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JetBlue Review

5 Stars wonderful airline. Get service on Renta cars.

Always have great experiences with Jet Blue.

(Posted at 2:52 pm on June 13, 2015.)

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Priceline Review


I have found that priceline offers the best choices in travel.

(Posted at 9:40 pm on June 4, 2015.)

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Dish Network Review

5 Stars $50 Off Dish Network

Use any promo code below when signing up for Dish Network









(Posted at 3:14 pm on May 30, 2015.)

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Home Goods Store Review


Home Goods is definitely the best "all inclusive" place to shop!! They have everything from dog bowls to linens to rugs and furniture. The selection is vast, the quality is great and the pricing is extremely reasonable!

(Posted at 10:35 am on May 25, 2015.)

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Fandango Review

4 Stars Pleased with offers

This discount is even better than the senior day discount

(Posted at 11:39 pm on May 20, 2015.)

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Nutrisystem Review

3 Stars email

Constantly sent email, sent them an email per their system and you get a snotty reply! Losing weight good food.

(Posted at 4:09 am on May 19, 2015.)

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Rodeway Inn Review

5 Stars nice

For me I work .. When I come to town I stay here on weekends.. Always nice and clean.

(Posted at 7:51 am on May 10, 2015.)

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Priceline Review

5 Stars Exceptional

Easy to understand and look up hotels and Eve discounts. Very detail

(Posted at 10:13 pm on May 1, 2015.)

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Quality Inn Review

5 Stars great

Very clean friendly sraff

(Posted at 7:58 pm on April 18, 2015.)

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Christian Mingle Review

3 Stars There is Potential

I found a serious dating relationship through CM, but in the end, we realized we were not quite right for each other. Both of us learned a lot about ourselves through this experience, and we enjoyed many outdoor adventures. I had the opportunity to take on a couple new sports with my date, like downhill skiing and rock climbing. I would give CM another chance, because I believe there are many quality Christian guys on their site. I am just waiting for the right one to come along. I don't want to settle for anything less than God's best.

(Posted at 2:02 am on April 18, 2015.)

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1 800 Contacts Review

5 Stars need some help

Wanted to see the coupons so I clicked the coupon button and all it does is take me to here so I'll write a little so much I'm having trouble getting the coupons please help


[email protected]

(Posted at 10:52 pm on April 14, 2015.)

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Christian Mingle Review

4 Stars Nice site

It's gaining popularity. I see more people are joining. Hopefully I will meet someone soon :)

(Posted at 9:05 pm on April 11, 2015.)

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