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Zappos Review

4 Stars Love this place

Great customer service and competitive prices!!!

(Posted at 12:17 pm on October 21, 2013.)

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Beau Rivage Hotel Review

5 Stars a vacation well indeed

this hotel service was super!!!! the rooms were beautiful and the bed OMG!!! (I wished I could pack it up) the atmosphere was just wonderful...and I actually won money at the casino within the hotel... the food was delicious, I only ate at the buffet breakfast and dinner and again it was divine....I am planning a family trip there after Thanksgiving maybe this time I will leave out of the Beau Rivage and site see... honestly I don't want to stay anywhere else...last yr we stayed at the IP it was nice but NOTHING like the Beau Rivage..... 5 stars babyyyy lol

(Posted at 1:24 am on October 21, 2013.)

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Dish Network Review

5 Stars Dish Network Promo Codes

Dish Network Promo Codes:

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$50 off your first months Dish Network bill, plus all current promotions. Expires: 12/31/13.

(Posted at 8:07 pm on October 20, 2013.)

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Dish Network Review

5 Stars Free Apple ipad 2 Plus $50 Free from Dish Network

use any promo code below















(Posted at 4:36 pm on October 20, 2013.)

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Babies R Us Review

5 Stars sales clerks

The sales clerks are very helpful and cheerful.

(Posted at 12:03 pm on October 20, 2013.)

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StubHub Review

4 Stars New user

First time to use stub hub to purchase event tickets. Easy to use and feel confident purchasing tickets this way compared to ebay, where I have lost money with fraudsters and no help. Feel confident with buyers protection with FanProtect.

(Posted at 11:39 am on October 20, 2013.)

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StubHub Review

5 Stars Always reliable

Disney tix were a lifesaver - thanks, SH

(Posted at 4:19 pm on October 17, 2013.)

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Carnival Cruise Line Review

5 Stars free cruise

I love Carnival .My husband and I have been on many cruises and Carnival is the best fun. we have been on them by are self's,with family and friends it was always a great time.We made very special memories on every ship we cruised on. We have been wanting to take our son on a cruise for a long time.

(Posted at 3:19 pm on October 16, 2013.)

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Home Goods Store Review

5 Stars Great Store

The Store is very clean and the Sales Staff is very helpful. I can always find something that I need for a birthday, my home, etc...

(Posted at 10:20 am on October 14, 2013.)

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StrawberryNet Review

5 Stars GREAT Deal

Very good in timing,Items are exact and perfect,They even refunded taxes paid to my home borders (out of good will)without giving me any hard time or "endless" forms to fill,I am totally happy with there service and looking forward for my next order.

(Posted at 6:07 pm on October 13, 2013.)

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Babies R Us Review

5 Stars Excellent Registery!

The Babies R Us registry is so easy to use and I love the "add to gift card" option.

(Posted at 5:30 am on October 12, 2013.)

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6 Dollar Shirts Review

2 Stars Shipping very high

Cheap shirts- but they get that back when they charge you for shipping!

(Posted at 8:02 am on October 9, 2013.)

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Walmart Review

5 Stars Simple request

I just need a deal on $50 and $100 walmart gift cards.

No expiration date

maybe 15% off

that the recipiant can use for anything, anytime, at any Walmart location.

such as $50 gift card for $42.50, and $100 gift card for $85.00.

this would be big, real big.

guess its just "to simple"

Eric Connolly (516)806-7686

(Posted at 12:34 pm on October 6, 2013.)

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DirecTV Review

3 Stars Exiating Customer

I signed up with Direct TV like millions of others on a new customer promotiom. The first year was great until the second year on the contract kicked in and the price practicly doubled.

It seems Direct TV has lost the vision of making new customers satisfied,, to be permanet customers.

(Posted at 11:44 am on October 5, 2013.)

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Swanson Vitamins Review

5 Stars Best Bang for your Buck

Swanson Vitamins has the overall best variety, while keeping their prices affordable. Try them, you won't be disappointed.

(Posted at 3:44 am on October 4, 2013.)

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Zoosk Review

5 Stars Great site

Gives you the chance to meet people close to you. Matches you with people you have a lot in common with and has a variety of different features. Overall great site, best one out there.

(Posted at 12:33 am on October 3, 2013.)

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Earth Shoes Review

5 Stars awesome

Love these shoes!

(Posted at 6:35 am on October 2, 2013.)

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Christian Mingle Review

3 Stars NOT FREE

It's free to create a profile and that's about it. You have to pay to communicate.

(Posted at 5:38 am on October 1, 2013.)

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Expedia Review

5 Stars I love it!

Anytime, anywhere, I can book a flight or even better I can book a great deal on a hotel!! I use it all the time!!

(Posted at 4:18 pm on September 28, 2013.)

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Staples Review

5 Stars reissue ink recycling reward?

I went to Staples yesterday to use my ink recycling reward and found it had expired on 8/31/13. It is difficult for me to get to a Staples store so am wondering if this reward could be reissued for a later date. Thank you so much.

(Posted at 8:01 am on September 28, 2013.)

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Parts Geek Review

4 Stars customer service

great customer service

(Posted at 10:41 am on September 27, 2013.)

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Home Goods Store Review

5 Stars love

they always have something I wabnt and are very helpful

(Posted at 12:29 pm on September 20, 2013.)

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The Vermont Country Store Review


I do enjoy buying goods from Vermont Country Store. They carry top of the line products and I have always believed in a family run business instead of these big chain stores.

Any time I have used a coupon for this place they have NEVER EVER worked. Many of my friends have the same problem. They chose to delete their orders and as for me, it is a 50/50 gamble.

Well, tonight's order will be sent in but sadly (as usual) not one single coupon worked for me.

Not sure if this is a "come on" or just simply a "bag job".

(Posted at 8:32 pm on September 18, 2013.)

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Parts Geek Review

5 Stars There great!

A very good site to you and I would recommend it to everyone to use. Very easy to find part and great prices !!

(Posted at 10:06 pm on September 17, 2013.)

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Staples Review

4 Stars Need one closer

Staples has some things that my Office Max and Depot do not. They were significantly cheaper on my printers I purchased. I wished they had a store closer to my office. I would have given them 5 stars but I had to drive about 30 miles round trip to the nearest Staples!

(Posted at 4:36 pm on September 16, 2013.)

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