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Comfort Inn Review

4 Stars Friendly service

Great deal!! And outstanding service rooms are very clean and comfortable beds

(Posted at 3:05 pm on December 18, 2014.)

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Dicks Sporting Goods Review

5 Stars Review of online purchasing

It was very easy to shop from my iPad.

(Posted at 11:29 am on December 12, 2014.)

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5 Stars Coupon code

U can get 25% off your first order! Use code "maye3144" enjoy!!

(Posted at 12:23 am on November 30, 2014.) Coupons Reviews

Guess Factory Store Review

5 Stars Great Customer Service

We had help from a nice guy whom had a great

sence of style and was very helpful.

He made suggestions for my daughter with shoes and the colour of dress and style as jeans. My daughter was very happy with everything she bought and so was I because everything was on Sale. Overall a great experience. The factory Store had sports wear pants which were not available at Devonshire Mall and that made my daughter very happy that she had a pair. Will come again.

(Posted at 4:50 pm on November 21, 2014.)

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4imprint Review

5 Stars Love the Prices

The reason we order from 4imprint is because of the excellent customer service, prices and fast production time.

(Posted at 11:20 am on November 21, 2014.)

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Pajama Jeans Review

5 Stars love them!

I love my new PJ jeans. They are so comfy. I'm ordering more today.

(Posted at 8:17 am on November 12, 2014.)

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Disney Outlet Store Review

5 Stars service

Wonderful store . LOVE IT...

(Posted at 6:07 pm on October 19, 2014.)

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GNC Nutrition Store Review

1 Stars do not except anything.

I went to a gnc store,the cashier. wouldn't except. Anthing.

(Posted at 4:23 pm on October 17, 2014.)

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Zoosk Review

3 Stars zoosk is misleading

you don't get anything for free.and very unlikely to get any results.even the promo codes seem to be bogus.

(Posted at 8:01 am on October 16, 2014.)

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Weight Watchers Review

5 Stars Meetings

Love the program but not the meetings. They are boring and not very informative. I would like the learn more new foods or receipts

(Posted at 6:53 pm on October 13, 2014.)

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Zoosk Review

4 Stars zoosk- a great site

I like zoosk better than the other sites. It is more user friendly.

(Posted at 6:55 pm on October 11, 2014.)

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Midnight Velvet Catalog Review

5 Stars Variety

What a variety of merchandise, from furniture to jewelry. It is beautifully displayed. The displays give you ideas on use the items and what colors to use with the items. Some of the items are a bit pricey. Some of the items have a good sale price. I also like the honesty of the reviews.

(Posted at 1:27 pm on September 28, 2014.)

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EA Store Review

5 Stars Great

God Games

(Posted at 3:22 pm on September 27, 2014.)

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NetFlix Review

5 Stars Great viewing

i love netflix, not only for my husband and I but for my children. They are able to catch up on shows that they love and even the classics that I used to love. I'd like to have some type of discounts available to me though for sticking with them... Perks, ya know. :)

(Posted at 12:00 pm on September 23, 2014.)

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Studio 6 Review

4 Stars My home away from home

I am always pleased with my room at studio 6.

(Posted at 10:25 am on September 19, 2014.)

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Dicks Sporting Goods Review

5 Stars Happy Customer

I have purchased a quick shade canopy from Dicks and it was my first time getting a deal better than on line sites like Amazon and E bay, but it's not the price that really matters here; its customer service.

I had a problem with the canopy and when I went back to the store, no question asked. They just told me grab another one!

(Posted at 11:32 pm on September 18, 2014.)

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Zoosk Review

1 Stars Not happy

my overall review is that I am not happy because I can not afford this sight.

(Posted at 10:17 am on September 17, 2014.)

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Circus Circus Reno Review

5 Stars good place

have fun gambing there .good drinks and sevice

(Posted at 1:13 pm on September 13, 2014.)

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StubHub Review

4 Stars Awesome

Had a problem using my credit card. Customer service handled it quick and efficiently. Very pleased

(Posted at 6:16 pm on September 11, 2014.)

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Christian Mingle Review

5 Stars I Like this Social Site

There are a variety of nice people to meet and converse with.

(Posted at 11:47 am on September 8, 2014.)

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Dicks Sporting Goods Review

5 Stars Awesome

Love the Customer service

(Posted at 11:28 am on September 7, 2014.)

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Dish Network Review

5 Stars $50 Coupon Codes

Get $50 Off Your Fist Bill + Current Deals. Go to DISH.COM/REFER to order











If calling you must say you have a friend referral code

(Posted at 9:26 am on September 6, 2014.)

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Comfort Inn Review

5 Stars Good stay at Comfort

Enjoyed our stay at this hotel when we stayed a couple years back. It was new at the time and it was the best stay we ever had. This particular visit was our anniversary and it was well worth the stay. Very comfortable.

(Posted at 6:54 pm on September 4, 2014.)

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DirecTV Review

4 Stars Sticking with DirecTV

Switched away to try the competition and I couldn't wait to get back to DirecTV.

To save $100 ($10 off a month for ten months) go to and use this referral code: 4836880.

(Posted at 9:53 am on August 29, 2014.)

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Home Goods Store Review

5 Stars Awesome!

I'm so very excited to have a home goods store in the north hill. I got up this morning on a day that I would normally sleep in-just to go to the grand opening. It did not disappoint me. After standing in a line to get in I was glad that I did. Thank you for coming closer to me!

(Posted at 12:03 pm on August 24, 2014.)

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