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Merchant Reviews

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Orbitz Review

5 Stars The best Travel Deals

I often use Orbitz to book tickets for me and my family and no doubt it is the best and hassle free website. Just keep up the good work orbitz.

(Posted at 11:10 am on June 3, 2014.)

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Western Union Review

3 Stars too automated

it is either that or you need more human power cuz waiting for customer service for an hour is crazy when you were never that bad till recentlt other than that average! thanks

(Posted at 6:05 pm on June 2, 2014.)

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GameFly Review

4 Stars Lego superheroes

Was fun to watch but little difficult to figure out what to do and where to do it for my 7 year old but he said he loved it

(Posted at 2:33 am on June 1, 2014.)

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Naot Shoes Review

5 Stars Naot Shoes

I cannot stress how much I love these shoes. I have arch, ankle and heal issues and these are the only shoes that get me through the day.

Thank you.

(Posted at 11:24 pm on May 31, 2014.)

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Rodeway Inn Review

4 Stars Good customer service

We rented a rm here for a family reunion and the staff was very professional and friendly. Nice clean reception area

(Posted at 8:30 pm on May 31, 2014.)

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Country Inns and Suites Review

5 Stars A comfy place to relax with family

We loved our stay at Country Inns and Suites. It was a relaxing environment, excellent staff and comfy beds. We always look for Country In s when we are on the road.

(Posted at 7:32 am on May 31, 2014.)

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Zappos Review

5 Stars Ladies shoes

I'm new to buying at Zappos and find your site very easy to traverse! Thank you!

(Posted at 11:09 am on May 30, 2014.)

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Wiley Review

5 Stars easy and user friendly

this website (all wiley websites) are extremely user friendly and better to work with than any other online school that i have ever used.

(Posted at 6:09 pm on May 27, 2014.)

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Dish Network Review

5 Stars $50 Credit on first bill, Free Ipad mini

$50 Credit on first bill, Free Ipad mini, plus all the other deals Dish is currently offering new customers!

Codes are valid as of 5/26/2014








(Posted at 7:04 pm on May 26, 2014.)

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Fox Rental Car Review

1 Stars Unsatisfactory Service

I rented a mini van at your Orlando Office last May 3, 2014 & returned the said unit on May 17, 2014 at your Fort Lauderdale Garage. The charged amount on my rental agreement was $1,445.40 plus a deposit of $150 for a total of $1,605.40 on the premise that my deposit will be returned in full. To my surprise you overcharged me by $107.83 and your staff at your Fort Lauderdale office cannot explain to me why. They just told me to call your Orlando Office & so I did several times but always busy. Aside from the above-mentioned complaint, your customer service staff are not good in handing complaints/concerns of dissatisfied customers. I already emailed you a complaint thru your feedback system & until now no action is taken. I can't find the exact word to describe how exasperated I am. RA#MCO-128774

(Posted at 8:56 pm on May 19, 2014.)

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Staples Review

4 Stars Almost AWAYS find what I need

I have been ordering from for over 2 years. I have had to return two items but the fault was mine. I had read into the descrption further than it was.

The only complaint that I have is delivery people that staples has hired via contract. I know many of the people are quitting because Staples has decreased their pay. Which is crazy!! They do not even make min. wage. I do not agree with this, and I will prob have to stop ordering if there are no delivery people available.

(Posted at 1:03 pm on May 13, 2014.)

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Priceline Review

4 Stars Have cancel reservations right before check in

I have book hotel rooms through on several occasions. I have had to cancel my reservation an hour before check in and they were able to cancel it with out charging any fees.



(Posted at 8:40 pm on May 6, 2014.)

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Lamps Plus Review

5 Stars excellent service and products

I am remodeling my kitchen and after reviewing a lot of sites lamps plus stood out as the most professional.

Their web site is easy to use, their products arrived on time in good order and they have all the products I need.

I recommend them to anyone doing home projects

(Posted at 5:02 pm on May 6, 2014.)

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Comfort Inn Review

5 Stars Travel Option

Great service and access to television, Internet and recuperation. Free Breakfast bar included!!

(Posted at 12:14 am on May 6, 2014.)

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3 Stars not enough sale items

I shop at overstock regularly and what I dislike most is you can never find good coupon deals online. You can only get the deals from overstock's website. Overstock needs to have better sales, like half off on all different products, not just the products that overstock [email protected]

(Posted at 5:21 pm on May 4, 2014.) Coupons Reviews

PetSmart Review

5 Stars Bearded Dragon

Every week I come to petsmart to buy my little bearded dragon something new. Pet smart always has great prices and a verity of great brands. Pet smart is my favorite most trusted pet store. Thanks for helping me take care of my bearded dragon

(Posted at 11:26 am on May 4, 2014.)

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Scholastic Book Store Review

5 Stars Books

We love ordering from your book club!

(Posted at 10:42 am on May 1, 2014.)

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Dish Network Review

5 Stars $50 Credit on first bill, Free Ipad Mini, plus all the other deals Dish is currently offering new customers!

$50 Credit on first bill, Free Ipad 2, plus all the other deals Dish is currently offering new customers!

Codes are valid as of 04/30/2014





(Posted at 12:08 pm on April 30, 2014.)

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Fairfield Inn Review

5 Stars We had fun

I had my 13 year old daughter and 3 of her friends a sleep over there for her birthday. They had a great time they enjoyed the very spacious room and most of the pool.

(Posted at 12:20 pm on April 24, 2014.)

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Appleseeds Catalog Review

5 Stars catalog review

I want to cancel the catalog

(Posted at 7:56 am on April 15, 2014.)

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Dish Network Review

5 Stars Codes are one time codes below

Free iPad (or monthly credits) + $50 credit on first month of service in addition to current Dish promotions including free installation, plus free Hopper with Sling Whole-Home HD DVR & free HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and Starz for 3 months. To use simply call 888-347-4914 to order or go to and pick the package you like.

ADG094224578 12/31/14

LAT109558557 12/31/14

ADP0053169949 12/31/14

VCD0010516608 07/10/14

ADG946686921 06/07/14

ADG928078827 05/06/14

(Posted at 6:30 pm on April 14, 2014.)

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Abebooks Review

5 Stars More cheaper than other book stores

I just found this bookstore in web. I found the price are reasonable so that I will try to buy the book on it.

(Posted at 6:45 pm on April 13, 2014.)

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Dish Network Review

5 Stars Free iPad mini with Free Hopper Upgrade, $$50 Credit and Much More!

Free iPad mini with Free Hopper Upgrade, $50 Credit, Free Installation, Free Premium Channels (HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, [email protected]) for 3 months, Free HD for 24 months.

Call 888-920-4438 or visit to order DISH.

Provide one of the unique referral codes below at the time of order.

VCD0010490886 (Exp. 07/06/14)

VCD0010465696 (Exp. 07/03/14)

(Posted at 12:08 pm on April 12, 2014.)

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Comfort Inn Review

5 Stars traveling couple

Loved the experience. Clean neat and courteous staff Great housekeeping daily.

(Posted at 9:39 am on April 12, 2014.)

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Comfort Inn Review

3 Stars Average

Stayed twice at the Fayettevill NC - Skibo. Great location, near alot of stores. It's a short distance from my sister's house. I live in Maryland and from the hotel it only takes me about 10 mins to get to her house.

(Posted at 12:02 pm on April 10, 2014.)

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